Save the date | 3.21.23

Day of Action FAQs

Learn about the what, why, when, where, and how of the Move Your Money Day of Action to pressure the big banks to stop financing the climate crisis. Start planning your action for 3-21-23!

A coordinated, targeted, fun, movement-building public day of doing things! We decide – nationally – to align our actions. We prepare in advance for weeks or months. We invite and coordinate with partners and the community. We aggregate actions large and small to show our strength, raise visibility, and tell our story. We have fun making art, planning together and gathering. We create an exclamation mark in our campaigning arc and put pressure on our target – the banks financing the climate crisis!

Because the foundation of organizing is that the WHOLE is GREATER than the sum of its parts! People are inspired by being a part of something big and when we act together – all across the country – we can have greater collective impact. People-power can shift the narrative, change the zeitgeist, and plant the seeds for the change we need. We are more likely to get attention and media, both local and national. A broad, distributed day of coordinated action from bank customers, frontline communities, and everyday people targeting the big, dirty banks will effectively deliver our clear message – we don’t want our money used to finance climate destruction. The exercise of creating the day builds our movement, our community, our partnerships, and our skills. AND it’s a great on-ramp for new folks to join, learn, and participate; so invite your friends!

March is a great time because people can gather outside, we will have presented the banks with our collected pledges in February, and it falls in advance of Shareholder Season, another opportunity to pressure the banks. Many banks aren’t open on weekends, so a weekday is better. (And, let’s be honest – it’s such a catchy date!)

First, sign the Banking on our Future Pledge and tell the big, dirty banks that you pledge to move your money if the banks won’t commit to moving out of fossil fuel financing. We will deliver the thousands and thousands of signed pledges to the banks in advance of the Day of Action and put them on notice that we demand change.

The goal is to have actions large and small all over the place, led by Third Act Working Groups, individuals, and partners! Imagine: dozens and dozens of creative, mediagenic actions around the country; unique *and* with unifying themes/ visuals/ hashtags that will create and build awareness in YOUR town. Some people will actually be cutting-up credit cards, some people symbolically cutting with giant cardboard and scissors. There will be events at climate-threatened and polluted places, sermons from pulpits, virtual actions to join, some direct actions and many rallies at banks. It’s up to you to get creative! What represents YOUR group/ geography/ affinity/ passion?

Please sign-up here and we will soon be sending updates with information about hosting or joining actions, trainings and toolkits, finding better banks and credit cards, and more! Coming soon, we will have a map that shows Day of Action events you can join and a form where you can submit an event or action you’d like to host.

  • Will there be different options for those in Third Act Working Groups? Sure. Third Act has geographic and affinity Working Groups (see the growing list here). Not everyone is interested or able to be in a Third Act Working Group. If there is a geographic Working Group near you or an Affinity Working Group of interest, you may wish to participate in their Day of Action plans. You don’t have to be in a Working Group to participate.
  • I’m in a Third Act Affinity Working Group. Will there be different ways for my group to engage in the Day of Action based on affinity? Of course. Since some of our Third Act Affinity Groups have supporters in 40+ states – they won’t all be physically together on the Day of Action. Maybe you will partner with another geographic Working Group and maybe your Affinity Group will have some coordinated action that folks can engage in from wherever they are.
  • What will Third Act Central do to help support individuals or Third Act Working Groups engaging in the Day of Action? There will be lots of support!
    • Toolkits for art (maybe even art that re-uses cut-up credit cards) and organizing and campaigning
    • Coaching and training for media and action planning
    • An online map upon which you can submit your event and have folks rsvp
    • Merch kits that may include; buttons, posters, banners or tablecloths
    • Lots of educational materials and meetings in the lead-up about things like Better Banks and Credit Cards and how to switch

Yes, some groups already have non-violent direct action planned. Of course it’s optional and it’s not for everyone – but it will be a part of the Day of Action for some.

Yes and yes! Not everyone is interested or able to be in the street. Posting photos and videos with creative signs and messages will definitely be part of this day. Let’s get creative with finding ways to participate no matter where you are.

Yes, definitely! We already have some partners on board and welcome more. There are a variety of ways partners can be involved. Partner orgs can check out this link to sign on and ask any questions.

  • One of the themes of the Day of Action is to “move your money” and “cut up credit cards” from the big, dirty banks and open new accounts with better banks, credit unions, and credit cards. To help you find a better bank and credit card, check out Third Act’s Responsible Finance Resources Collection, including links to webinar series, blogs, and other tools to get started.
  • Tell us about your progress and experience on opening a new account here.
  • Do I need to close my checking and savings bank accounts and credit card accounts by the Day of Action? No, not mandatory (but it will be fantastic if you can! And you’ll feel great when you do!)
  • Can I participate in the Day of Action if I have not yet opened new accounts at better banks? Yes, of course!
  • Can I participate in the Day of Action if I am not a customer of one of the big, dirty banks? Yes, of course!

First, rest and celebration! This Day of Action is one moment in our movement and we will have many more moments to take action together. Next steps will depend on many things – opportunities revealed by the Day of Action itself, banks’ responses to our campaign, your ideas and more! So, the second step is to re-assess where we are. Did a bunch of folks join our campaign? Did a public figure or banker make a statement that we want to highlight? Do any influential businesses want to divest from banks? Don’t worry, there are lots more things to do!

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