Working Groups are volunteer-run and supported by Third Act central. Anyone over sixty can join at no cost. Most Working Groups are geographically based, but we also host a number of affinity groups, based on passion or past professional experience. These are nationwide and include Faith, Creatives, Lawyers, Educators, and Retired Union members. Groups meet mostly by Zoom, but many members also participate in protests, public hearings, voter registration, and community events together.

Why Americans over sixty?

We have discovered a largely untapped source of power that can stand up to both Washington and Wall Street. That power is us: experienced Americans over the age of sixty.

There are more than seventy million of us, and that number grows by ten thousand every year. We control seventy percent of the nation’s financial assets. And we vote. Always. Our generation is often stereotyped and left out of the progressive conversation, but there is power in numbers. We must use our elder power, our voice and out life experience to fundamentally transform our culture and our politics. For ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

That’s where Working Groups come in. Third Act believes in the power of community and is formed around a relational model of organizing where we build trust and confidence in each other over time. Loneliness and isolation become a thing of the past when we join together to support and learn from each other. Through collective action, we can tip the balance of power in America and leave a legacy to be proud of.

What We Do

As a Working Group member, you can use your personal expertise and interests to promote equitable and just climate solutions and stronger democratic ideals. You will engage in Third Act national campaigns to educate and mobilize the public, and also advance local efforts to protect the climate and our democracy. And you’ll have fun and form new friendships along the way!

From protesting at banks to taking online action; we believe that everyone has a role to play and group members will help you find tasks that you are passionate about. Join us and find your niche.