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“Experienced Americans” are the fastest-growing part of the population: 10,000 people a day pass the 60-year mark. That means that there’s no way to make the changes that must be made to protect our planet and society unless we bring our power into play.

We’re used to thinking that humans grow more conservative as they age, perhaps because we have more to protect, or simply because we’re used to things the way they are. But our generations saw enormous positive change early in our lives—the civil rights movement, for instance, or the fight to end massive wars or guarantee the rights of women. And now we fear that the promise of those changes may be dying, as the planet heats and inequality grows.

But as a generation we have unprecedented skills and resources that we can bring to bear. Washington and Wall Street have to listen when we speak, because we vote and because we have a large—maybe an overlarge—share of the country’s assets. And many of us have kids and grandkids and great grandkids: we have, in other words, very real reasons to worry and to work.

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Working principles

As we begin this work, we’re eager to build a strong and healthy culture right from the start, one that makes Third Act productive and even kind of joyful for those involved. (The more fun it is, the more we’ll get done).

Who we Are

Third Act is guided by a volunteer Advisory Council led by Akaya Windwood. Organizing, campaigns, and operations are coordinated by a small staff team. Read more about the team.

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