Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about Working Groups. Should you have any queries that remain unresolved, we invite you to reach out through our contact form or directly engage with the Working Group that aligns with your interests.

That’s up to you! We ask that you carefully read Third Act’s Working Principles, which will help you understand how we approach our work, which is just as important as what we actually do. Then you can decide how much time you want to invest and work with others to find the best role for yourself.

The groups are led by a Coordinating Committee, usually consisting of several Co-Facilitators, a Communications Coordinator, and a Volunteer Coordinator, and others. 

No. We are working towards having a Working Group in every state (with several of our largest states hosting multiple groups) but we aren’t there yet. Our statewide groups can decide when and how they want to deepen their work by hosting local groups within their state. We want to make sure that groups are properly supported, and we don’t currently have the staff capacity to have “a thousand flowers bloom!”

There are many ways you can get involved with Third Act, without joining a Working Group. Take a look at our Get Involved page and take online action, attend an event or training, become a volunteer or make a monetary donation.

When you sign up for a Working Group, your name and email address are shared with the Working Groups coordinating committee led by volunteers. These volunteers are trained in data privacy.

You will be contacted by Working Group members about ways to get involved, Working Group meetings and events, and other Third Act local and/or national activities.

If you have concerns about this, please get in touch here: privacy@thirdact.org.

Yes, it is and will always be, free. Third Act Central supports Working Groups.
If you’d like to make a donation towards our work, please visit our Donate page.

This depends on the Working Group as some have been operating for longer than others, you can always contact a Working Group and ask any questions you may have.

This depends on the Working Group. Choose a Working Group here and check their calendars to see what is going on!

This depends on the Working Group, as affinity groups can be spread out across the country there may be more remote meetings. For local groups there will both be in-person as well as remote meetings. You can let your group coordinator know what you’re comfortable with.

Yes, if you have the time, you can.