I’m Bruce Hamilton, a national staff organizer and agitator for Sierra Club for 45 years.  When I left there, I realized there is no retirement from civic engagement if you care about protecting our planet and our democracy for future generations.

That is why I now volunteer with Third Act’s national organizing team to set up new working groups – my new (volunteer) occupation in my Third Act!

Third Act co-founder Bill McKibben tells us that the best thing an individual can do to address the climate crisis and attacks on democracy is to stop acting like an individual.  That is why we all joined Third Act.  With fellow Third Actors, we will be more powerful and able to take action collectively.

It has been so satisfying to work with local Third Act volunteers who are eager to join and make a difference with the most vital issues of our time. So many fellow elders have been searching for this home to fulfill their commitment to making a difference for our families and our future.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to get active in a Third Act state or affinity working group.  But in over half of the country, our members still do not have a local working group to join.  We have made amazing progress in organizing working groups over the past two years, but much more needs to be done. All of our members need access to state working groups to plan and implement dynamic and effective local and state campaign actions.

Third Act needs additional resources urgently so that we can recruit, train and empower volunteers to establish working groups in every state and Puerto Rico.  Right now we are organizing as quickly as we can, but we are at capacity.

Your donation to the No Time to Waste Fund can help us reach our $500 thousand goal and then we expect to:

  • Add two additional organizers to our team to expand the support we can provide, and start Working Groups where we don’t yet have them, 
  • Increase the direct support we can offer to Working Groups for their own trainings, actions, and materials,
  • Add digital support for Working Group leaders building a web-presence, coordinating events online, and for maintaining our CRM, data, and privacy work;   
  • Support two (out of five) in-person regional convenings

Your support can build Third Act communities ready to fight for a better future. Working together we can get much more done than we can as individuals. Can you chip in now to help resource Third Actors to respond quickly—as needed, when needed, where needed?

Your fellow Third Actor,

Bruce Hamilton, National Volunteer

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Bruce Hamilton

As a wildlife biologist and environmental activist, Bruce has been making “good trouble” for over 50 years. Joining the Sierra Club in 1977, he’s served in several positions including Deputy Executive Director and led the development of their policies and programs, working tirelessly to protect and promote the natural world, wildlife, wild places, indigenous rights and climate justice. Today, he works with Third Act’s organizing team to help volunteers build the necessary skills to make more “good trouble”.