We are honored and pleased to announce the public launch of the Third Act Educators Working Group!

We are on one of the most profound journeys of trying to learn how to join one of the biggest movements of both our individual and collective lives. Come learn with us in service of preserving the planet and protecting democracy,  as we continue to “act out” into the third part of lives and beyond!

As educators, we believe that the purposefulness, passion, and play of learning are essential to the individual human spirit. We also believe that collaborative learning in working groups will be the foundation of building a successful Third Act community. Emergent collective wisdom to which we all contribute will be at the core of transforming our societies and civilizations. 

“It is in collectives that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.”
-Angela Davis 

As we are just getting started forming the Third Act Educators Working Group,  we are always looking for more energetic people to grow and learn with us.  We currently include K-12 classroom teachers, early childhood educators, health educators, intergenerational learners, and college professors who are honing our skills as activists and organizers! Eventually, we plan to fully represent K to 20 educators and anyone else who has found their path in teaching, training, etc… We are reaching out to educators in many settings, including those who have retired from active teaching. We are still recruiting a few more members for our Coordinating Committee to help in leading and organizing our larger Educators Working Group. 

As a Third Act Working Group, we are collaborating with the “Seniors to Seniors: intergenerational voter registration” campaign to help register high school students and seniors throughout this 2022 graduation season! You can learn more about the projects and campaigns we are thinking about, and how the Third Act Educators Working Group will contribute to Third Act’s campaigns on climate and democracy, please visit our “How to Start” page. We’re still figuring out the areas that we hope to focus on and want to hear from you! If you’re interested in having your voice heard, please RSVP for our Launch Follow-Up Call that will be on June 15, 2022.

If you want to learn more about us, make sure to watch Our Educators Working Group Launch Call (June 1, 2022), the May 25 All-In Call, where we were featured, and/or sign up on our website to join the Third Act Educators Working Group!

We hope to learn more with you all soon.

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