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How to Start

Learn what is involved in joining Third Act Educators—about our goals and approaches, our monthly group calls, and the K-20 coordinating committee that administers and guides our work.

The Educators group was formed in December, 2021.


  • Banking on our Future Pledge

As a contribution to Third Act’s “Banking on our Future” campaign, we will engage more educators and students and invite them to sign the Pledge to cut-up their credit card(s) and move their money if the banks don’t agree to stop funding fossil fuels. This also offers an opportunity to educate young and old about the direct connection between their financial choices and climate change, and how to choose a bank and/or credit card that matches their values. We are also considering creating a Banking on our Future Pledge for Schools, Universities, and/or Teachers’ Unions as Commercial Customers to ask them to pledge to switch their commercial bank accounts and credit cards (i.e. the school-branded business credit cards given to employees), if the banks refuse to stop financing fossil fuels—especially those institutions that have adopted climate policies and commitments.

  • Divestment Actions

Aligned with Third Act’s “Banking on Our Future” campaign, the Educators Working Group is partnering with TIAA-Divest to divest teachers’ pension funds in New York. In California, together with a large coalition, Third Act is supporting the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (SB 1173, Gonzalez, Wiener) that would require the two public pension funds – California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)to divest by 2030. The pending legislation recently passed the California Senate. We are also planning a nation-wide action to encourage teacher pension fund divestment from fossil fuels.

  • Climate Change Education Initiatives

In 2020 New Jersey became the first state in the nation to mandate climate change education in K-12. New York and California are currently considering various bills to do the same,  and other states  are moving in a similar direction. We are mobilizing educators to contact state legislators about the need for this curriculum, and about the importance of passing the national “Climate Change Education Act” (HR 2130) that is currently under consideration.

  • Third Act “Teach-In In-A-Box”

Third Act Educators are preparing climate-crisis materials that can be used for events at Arbor Day, Earth Day, and other public education events.

  • Third Act Senior-to-Senior Intergenerational Voter Registration

In partnership with The Civics Center, Third Act launched the “Senior-to-Senior” initiative to have senior citizens inspire and help graduating high school seniors to register to vote! About 4 million young people turn 18 every year in the US and become eligible to vote. However, in many school districts less than 20% of youth who will turn 18 by the 2022 midterms were registered to vote, despite being eligible.  As educators, we are recruiting and engaging schools, teachers, and students to help make every graduate a voter. And we will be gearing up in high schools and on college and university campuses in the Fall to get young people registered in time for the November election. Check out the Senior-to-Senior campaign details here for ways you can get involved, including recording a Tribute video to share your voting story.


Our Working Group calls will take place once a month, at a time to be determined.


Our Coordinating Committee is currently comprised of elementary school, community college, and university educators from California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. Please join the Educators Working Group. We have many roles to fill and initiatives to advance, including ideas you bring!