Thank Governor Newsom for Climate Action in California
Governor Newsom signed numerous climate bills into law in the past month. He also announced that California is suing the five biggest fossil fuel companies for knowingly causing the climate crisis and lying about it and seeking that they pay their fair share for the effects of their pollution.Let’s thank him! In particular, he signed SB 253 and SB 261, which will mandate that companies over $1 billion and similarly sized financial institutions that do business in California disclose their carbon emissions (or those that stem from their investments). These new laws will mandate that institutions become accountable for their emissions and make it harder for companies to greenwash rather than commit to real climate solutions.

Yet, he also vetoed several important bills that would have helped California’s schools to invest in clean energy and climate resilience to help keep our kids safe from heat and wildfire smoke.

Thank Governor Newsom for his climate leadership and urge him to keep it up as there is still more to do!