Responsible Finance Series: Event 1 of 4 | A one-hour webinar with Timothy Yee, President of Green Retirement, Inc and Gregory Wendt, a Certified Financial Planner and Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stakeholders Capital. September 29, 2022

One of Third Act’s central goals is to halt the flow of money financing the climate crisis. We don’t want our money to be invested in an unlivable world. When we launched the Banking on our Future campaign to move our money and credit cards away from these dirty banks, we heard your questions about whether doing this will affect your finances and how to start aligning your money with your values.

Third Act hosted a 4-part series on Responsible Finance designed to answer your questions. At each event, you will hear from certified financial advisors, bank and personal finance experts, experts on investment and retirement, and non-profits leading campaigns to reform the financial system. You’ll learn big-picture strategies and approaches as well as practical details to help you design your personal Responsible Financial Plan and to make choices that are good for you and good for the planet.

  1. Responsible Personal Finance: An overview – Sept 29, 1 pm PT/4 pm ET
  2. Responsible Banking and Credit Cards – Nov 2, 1 pm PT/4 pm ET
  3. Responsible Investing – Nov 16, 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
  4. Responsible Retirement Planning – January 26, 2023

Responsible Finance: An overview of how to align your money with your values

Watch the recording of Responsible Finance Webinar #1: An overview of how to align your money with your values, Part 1 of Third Act’s 4-part series on Responsible Finance designed in collaboration with Timothy Yee and Rose Penelope Yee of Green Retirement, Inc. to answer your questions. Also check-out the Guest Blog by Timothy Yee and Gregory Wendt that serves as a Resource Guide to accompany this webinar, including all the links and resources mentioned during the webinar. 

Timothy and Gregory, with decades of experience in sustainable investing, provided an overview of approaches to and practical components of Personal Responsible Finance, and how you can create an individual plan to align your money with your values, what levers individuals can pull within their own personal finances, and what planning tools and expert advisors exist to help support people like you in your efforts to pursue green and responsible finance while also seeking good financial performance.

You will leave with an understanding of:

  • Why is “move your money” an important strategy to achieve our collective goals of ending fossil fuel finance and investing in thriving and resilient communities, and what are the positive impacts of individual and collective action to align our money with our values.
  • What kinds of responsibilities and agency you have as an Elder with some wealth to make a difference while maintaining your security.
  • The core components and approaches of creating a personal Responsible Finance Plan – Banks and Credit Cards, Investments, and Retirement Planning – and what will be covered in the upcoming other 3 parts in the speaker series that will address the other components.
  • Several specific personal financial planning tools/worksheets that you can use to catalyze your personal plan and actions to “align your money with your values” and resources to help you find a green investment advisor.
  • Planning work to do before Event #2 on Responsible Banking and Credit Cards.

Speaker Profiles:

Timothy Yee is the President of Green Retirement, Inc., a founding B-Corporation and a minority and woman-owned financial advisory firm. Timothy focuses on sustainable, responsible, and fossil-free investment options in corporate and nonprofit retirement plans. He serves as a fiduciary for his clients, among them and Trillium Asset Management.

Gregory Wendt is a Certified Financial Planner and veteran wealth advisor on capital markets, sustainability, and new economic thinking. He is currently Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stakeholders Capital, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Since the 1980s, Greg has worked in sustainable and regenerative economics, finance, portfolio management, economic strategy, and responsible investing, and is a leader in the evolving field of sustainable and responsible investing and green economy solutions.

Find more information about all 4 webinars, resource guides, and FAQs in the “Responsible Finance Resources Collection.”


Please note: Third Act is a non-profit educational, organizing, and advocacy organization. We are not investment advisors and are legally prohibited from providing investment or financial advice. The information provided on this page, our website, in the webinar, and in emails is for educational purposes only. Third Act does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments.