As we start to face the more extreme ramifications of climate change, it's important that we not only stand in emotional solidarity with the people who are directly affected, but that we help replenish, rebuild, and resource our communities while they deal with the devastating grief of unexpected climate catastrophes, displacement, and collective loss.

In early August, a string of fires spread throughout Hawai`i, mainly affecting the island of Maui. The flames were exacerbated by the dry land and the collision of differing wind pressures of north Hawai`i and Hurricane Dora in the south. With over 2000 acres burned in Lāhainā—and a death toll of 97, and 13 missing—local, national, and global communities quickly sprung into action.

In the aftermath, Third Actor Vicki Lofquist wrote a blog post called “Flowers for Lāhainā”, where her watercolor instructor Maile from Lāhainā was teaching others how to recreate images of the beautiful flowers from her native lands while it burned to rubble.

In chatting with Maile, we found out that she runs a non-profit called Hui o Kuapā, which has taken on a grassroots revolution driven effort to support Lāhainā. The link to donate is here:

Hui o Kuapā, along with Lā Ho’iho’i Ea Honolulu, and a Hawai’i People’s Fund are currently providing assistance in Lāhainā’s grassroots mobilizing efforts. They are providing support in counteracting the false corporate narrative that is happening in Lāhainā concerning land and stream restoration. Educational media is being created to ensure the narrative of Lāhainā natives are seen and heard.  They are also providing airfare for Lahaina’s leaders and long time natives to fly to Honolulu for water and land commission meetings. Due to displacement, most are financially unable to fly off island for meetings that may determine the future outcome of Lahaina’s restoration. While there, these organizers provide transportation, and food to ensure the affected communities are cared for.

In addition to Hui o Kuapā, Maile has provided a list of other resources that was compiled in close collaboration with affected communities, which we have listed below in no particular order:

As Third Act continues to advocate for personal and institutional divestment from fossil fuels, we hope that our organizing home continues to provide opportunities to invest in the joy and well being of frontline communities.