Power Up Communities! Campaign Launch and Teach In, featuring Dr. Leah Stokes (Senior Policy Counsel at Rewiring America), Bill McKibben (Author, Educator, Founder of Third Act & 350.org), and Jeremy Friedman (Campaign Strategist at Third Act).

Alongside more than a dozen other partners, we’re building the largest-ever coordinated nationwide initiative to influence Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) in order to strengthen clean energy policies and build a better future to pass on to our grandchildren.

During the call we pull back the curtain to equip you with the knowledge to engage with your local PUC and strengthen clean energy policy in your backyard!

Energy rockstar and author Dr. Leah Stokes, Senior Policy Counsel at Rewiring America, will demystify the policymaking process for us, cutting through the jargon and illuminating how PUCs fit into the larger climate conversation, why these bodies are integral to the success of the IRA climate legislation, and more.

If you’re asking, “What are Public Utility Commissions?,” you can learn more about it by checking out our educational blog on PUCs.