Third Act’s quarterly all-in event is a great space to receive org-wide updates, learn about what’s up next, and discovering how you can plug in over the coming months. Check out some of the moments from our September 2023 call!

For our September 2023 call, we were excited to have Gina McCarthy on the line with us (former head of the EPA and White House National Climate Advisor) to talk about plans to supercharge a clean energy future. Gina had just come on to co-chair America is All In, which leveraged historic funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to support cities, states, businesses, and institutions to scale climate action across the country.

We heard about Third Actors who came out on Sept 17th for the March to End Fossil Fuels, Working Groups doing incredible things to register new and returning voters in key districts, about groups coming online that Fall, and a “did you know?” section about opportunities available for Third Actors who wanted to roll up their sleeves.

And we were beyond excited for Bill McKibben, Anne Shields from the Third Act Puget Sound Working Group, and our campaign strategist Deborah Moore to re-launch our campaign to help banks stop financing the expansion of dirty energy. Costco: Clean Up your Credit Card Campaign was hyper-focused and would be accessible for Third Actors far and wide to plug into over the coming months!

Vanessa Arcara, President and Co-Executive Director, we took a deeper dive into how we funded all this work and why we were building it the way we were. We pulled back the veil about our approach to movement building and how we saw grassroots fundraising as key to scaling up our base, our impact, and our ability to change the story about what elders in America could do when we worked with joy and purpose.