Mark your calendars now for the online launch event for the Tennessee Working Group on November 9th, at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time

About this event

Third Act Tennessee is a part of a large and growing movement that is mobilizing to hold accountable the systems and entities that are responsible for climate chaos. We are mobilizing to safeguard American democracy in our state and across the country. We are positioned to come together with our combined resources, skills and experience to create a different future than the one we are moving toward.

In this launch we will fling open the door and usher Tennesseans into the Third Act movement. Join us as we generate enthusiasm, which will inspire hope and translate into the good work we must do in order to turn around the climate crisis and safeguard our democracy.

On this call we will draw in new members from across the state, mobilize first time activists, create connections with existing groups and begin to transform ourselves from “Worriers” to “Warriors”.

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Bill McKibben

Founder of Third Act

Justin J. Pearson

Member, Tennessee House of Representatives

Marquita Bradshaw

Executive Director of Sowing Justice, Environmental Activist, Political Candidate

Emily Sherwood

Sierra Club Community Organizer, Environmental Activist