Join us for a conversation with Arnaud Delorme about the myriad benefits of daily meditation and contemplative prayer practice.

About this event

Join us for a conversation with Arnaud Delorme – author of the new book “Why Our Minds Wander.”  As both a highly trained neuroscientist and a seasoned mediator, Arno brings a wonderful and unique perspective to conversation about the myriad benefits of daily meditation and contemplative prayer practice. 

We’ve all experienced moments when we realize that instead of paying attention during an important conversation, or while reading a book or watching a play, or while doing just about anything, our minds wander. In that moment, we’ve drifted away into one form or another of daydreaming. How does that happen? Where do our brains ‘go’ and why? Why are we drawn to one thing or another in that moment? Most importantly, can shifting our daydreaming boost our well-being?

Recent research has shown that there are different states of daydreaming, and these states are governed by different neurological pathways. We’ll talk with Arno about these questions – examining the science behind why we daydream and its potential purpose. As a long-time mediator, he’ll also describe techniques for altering how our minds wander. Some of these ideas will be familiar to those who have a daily mediation or contemplative practice. Others may well be new to you. 

Arnaud Delorme

Arnaud Delorme Ph.D, is a research scientist at the University of California San Diego, a Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, and a Research Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His expertise primarily revolves around meditation, mind wandering, and the development of sophisticated brainwave processing techniques. In addition to his academic pursuits, Delorme is a seasoned meditator who is deeply invested in exploring the realms of mind wandering and consciousness from a first-person viewpoint. 

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