Join us for art making and music to prepare for the Stop Dirty Banks Day of Action. 

About this event

We encourage joining this webinar with your groups, friends, family and fellow activists, so you can learn songs and art making tips together. “Humans are story-driven. We make choices according to how we understand the world to be. Art speaks directly to those deep inner spaces where the stories are stored.” says Minneapolis artist-organizer Ricardo Levins Morales. For our day of action we aim to use the powerful language of art and music to win change for ourselves and future generations.

ART: The 90 -minute webinar will include tips on planning arts for an action, hands on how-to’s on making signs, banners, patches, giant-scissors-to-cut-giant-credit-card and more.  We will show examples of ways to make art for your action, and plan art builds to involve others. 

SONG:  Lu Aya of The Peace Poets will be leading us through the songs and offering you a specific methodology for teaching song in action.  These songs will connect us across the country on our day of action by highlighting our common themes and lifting up our common dreams.  You don’t have to be a singer to sing these songs, they are all designed to be learnable, singable, and powerful. We can’t wait to be singing with with you!

Lu Aya

Lu Aya, co-founder of The Peace Poets, specializes in using song as political strategy, spiritual grounding and embodiment of our vision. The Peace Poets are a crew of poets, emcees, activists, educators from The Bronx who have been writing and leading songs in movements for Racial, Migrant and Climate Justice and Human Rights for 15 years. They have composed some of the most widely used songs and chants in our movements.

David Solnit

David Solnit is a long-time arts organizer, trainer, artist and carpenter. He works on building art into campaigns with Stop the Money Pipeline, teachers unions, farmworkers, and other movements.  He has helped innovate and popularize new forms of visual art and street theater for action campaigns and is excited to offer art support for the Day of Action.

Anna Goldstein

Anna Goldstein is a longtime climate justice and community organizer who is a Third Act Advisory Council member and Third Act organizer for the Day of Action