Join the Official Launch of Third Act Oregon, featuring a conversation with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, and Third Act Founder Bill McKibben.

About this event

Learn how you can be a part of our growing Third Act Oregon community and join in the work we are doing together to create a more just and livable planet for future generations.

Listen in on a climate and democracy conversation between Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon’s outspoken leader against climate chaos and one of the Senate’s foremost champions for clean energy, and Bill McKibben, the Third Act Founder, one of the world’s leading environmentalists and decades long influential author and educator. They will discuss current challenges and accomplishments, why taking action later is too late, and why grassroots movements, like Third Act Oregon, have an essential role in efforts to protect our endangered democracy and climate.

In the Q&A session following their conversation, we will try to answer as many of your questions as time permits.

In addition to hearing from our guests, you’ll have the opportunity to meet members of our coordinating committee as we share the many different ways you can get involved right away. We know that everyone has a role to play and our effectiveness is multiplied when we work together.

The purpose of our launch event is to introduce the Third Act Oregon Working Group, connecting Oregonians over the age of 60, who care about the climate crisis and our democracy, but are unsure of how or where to take action. We welcome you to join our community of elders.

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Bill McKibben

Founder, Third Act

Senator Jeff Merkley

U.S. Senator from Oregon