Mark your calendars now for the online launch event for the Massachusetts Working Group, May 15th at 7pm Eastern.

About this event

Purpose is what motivates us at the deepest level, and keeps us in the game for the long haul — especially when times are tough.

Each of us is uniquely driven to be climate and democracy activists. For some, it’s to leave a livable world for their children and grandchildren. For others, it’s about preserving nature or special places, and there are those who are dedicated to health and safety for all.

During the launch, we will:

  • Assess the current state of affairs in Massachusetts with Third Act founder Bill McKibben (a Lexington native) and renowned climate advisor Gina McCarthy (a Dorchester native) who previously headed up the Environmental Protection Agency and served as the first national climate advisor to the White House
  • Be inspired by Rev. Mariama White-Hammond (also from Dorchester) – Boston’s Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space and a powerful voice for environmental justice
  • Learn how Massachusetts Third Actors, like you, can get involved in many different ways — and make a difference.

Join us as we celebrate Third Act’s progress to date and the launch of the Massachusetts Working Group!