Lucy at the Neil Young tours in Austin

This spring, one of the nation’s most revered musical artists, Neil Young, and his Crazy Horse band, launched their first official tour in a decade with a coast-to-coast set of concerts under the Love Earth Tour theme.

And this time, they’ve designed the concert-going experience with a unique twist. Inside each concert venue, a village is constructed where organizations known for their commitment to communities, eco-justice, and reversing climate change have been invited to set up tables to engage with concert-goers for 90 minutes before each show.


Lucy and Purly of Third Act Texas at their village table
Lucy and Purly of Third Act Texas at their village table


Third Act was invited to take part in ten of the seventeen concerts, beginning on April 24 and concluding at the end of May. Third Act leaders have mobilized teams of volunteers and are working their magic at tables designed by Third Actors. While tabling, they have the opportunity to highlight work underway regionally and invite interested folks to get involved. 

These sold-out concerts provide a unique opportunity to amplify the work of Third Act, its commitment to constructive and systemic eco-action, and its welcoming, appreciative culture. Charris Ford, the Director of The Village for the Love Earth tour has been a stellar partner to Third Act, providing volunteers with a buffet dinner at the concert venue, two tickets to the concert, and same-day logistics instructions to ensure that Third Actors could make the most of their time to engage with the audience. He’s even packed our banners & taken them from show to show!


Barb Reuter at the Phoenix show
Barb Reuter at the Phoenix show


Although every show will be distinctive, Young’s repertoire includes a number of legendary eco-themed songs, which trace the recent history of threats to the planet from the 1970s to present-day and capture the urgency of this moment for all living beings. 

Stay tuned as we join forces to advance climate justice in America!

Remaining Tour Dates with Third Act:

  • May 8 – Franklin, TN
  • May 11 – Bristow, VA
  • May 12 – Camden, NJ
  • May 14 – NYC
  • May 17 – Mansfield, MA
  • May 22 – Clarkson, MI


Authored by Sara Lundquist and Sharon Lobert, Third Act National Volunteers.
National Volunteers support Third Act across multiple projects to expand the impact of our mission to eliminate fossil fuels, advance climate justice, and strengthen democracy.


Purly with a polar bear
Purly and the polar bear!