If you’re wondering what you can do this month to join other Third Actors in safeguarding our democracy and protecting our climate, we’ve got a list of ideas ready.

Senior-to-Senior Voter Registration

About 4 million young people turn 18 every year in the US and become eligible to vote. However, in many school districts less than 20% of youth who will turn 18 by the 2022 midterms were registered to vote.

Send a card & invitation to register
Celebrate the major life milestone of a grandchild, relative, neighbor or other special graduate in your life by sending them a graduation card with this print-at-home insert that includes a QR Code for registering to vote online (38 states allow online registration). There is space to write your own personal well-wishes and to share why voting is so important to you. Click here for instructions and link to the printable card insert.

Record your invitation on Tribute
This graduation season, Third Act wants to share your invaluable voting experiences with the next generation of voters! Using the Tribute video platform, you can take a video—of yourself, or with a graduating high school senior, or a teacher in your life. Let’s inspire and support young people to participate in The Civic Center’s “Class of 2022 Ready to Vote Challenge.” Click here for detailed instructions.

Banking on our Future Pledge: Let’s Triple our Signers

We need a massive number of people committed to moving their credit cards and accounts away from the dirtiest banks in order to start making an impact. So this month, we’re focused on pledge tripling.

We’re asking all Third Actors to sign the pledge and then get three more signers on board. The toolkit with sample emails & letters to send, conversation guides, printable flyers, explainer videos, and more can be found here.

And if you’re ready for in-person action, join Third Actors across the country who are scheduling meetings with their local Big Bank branch manager to explain our pledge and request they pass a formal letter of complaint to their supervisors. Watch this training to get inspired and learn how.

Send Postcards to Voters in AZ and WI

Let’s join together as Third Act’s Democracy Force to write postcards and mobilize voters in Wisconsin & Arizona to register for a mail-in ballot to increase the likelihood that they vote in upcoming elections this year. This page has all the info you’ll need to get started.