We are DC residents, aged 60 and up, working alongside more than 50,000 national Third Actors to build a bold, brave and joyful movement to save our planet from environmental destruction and protect our threatened democracy. Old cannot mean complacent! Our children and grandchildren need our help -- and our energy and know-how and political clout.

We were inspired to come together following our participation in Third Act’s National Day of Action on 3/21/23.  Highlights of the day in Washington were an overnight vigil in front of the four big banks financing fossil fuels, an interfaith gathering, a march featuring giant puppets, union pickets, and bucket drummers, finishing with a raucous rocking chair blockade of the banks–our “Rocking Chair Rebellion.”

Check out some of the “good trouble” that Third Actors are making, locally and nationally.

We are committed to mobilizing elder power in DC in the pursuit of genuine democracy and a livable planet. Join us in putting our bodies, hearts and minds on the line to stem the tide of environmental destruction and climate chaos, and break the bonds of corporate and Wall Street power that threaten meaningful democracy and prevent us from moving forward.

What We Do

Our Working Group is just getting started but we have plans to engage with local DC and national partners to resist attacks on DC home rule, and to lend our support to environmental justice issues impacting our neighborhoods. We also support regional initiatives alongside Third Actors in Maryland, and Virginia, such as opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline, as well as Third Act Central campaigns to stop investment in fossil fuel expansion, protect democracy, and promote racial justice.