Elders in the Third Act SF Bay Area Working Group are motivated to explore how their individual and collective actions can help to stabilize the climate and restore and protect our democracy.

Members of the Third Act SF Bay Area Working Group are engaged in collective actions to stabilize the climate and restore and protect our democracy.

To build a powerful movement, we bring together people from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, faiths and traditions. We are determined to leave future generations a livable planet and a participatory democracy that is equitable and just for all. While we focus on motivating and empowering elders over 60, to win we need everyone who shares our values.

This is no time for elders to take a back seat and expect others to address these problems that we failed to fix on our watch. Our time is now!

What We Do


Our generation is unwittingly worsening the climate crisis by investing in dirty energy.  Banks and other financial institutions use our money to fund climate-damaging fossil fuel extraction and its associated infrastructure.  Elders, the wealthiest generation in America, have the power to use our financial resources to cut funding of fossil fuels. Join us and take the Third Act Banking On Our Future Pledge to pressure the four biggest banks that bankroll dirty fossil fuels. 

The Pledge is just our first step. We are taking other impactful actions to address the climate crisis. For example, we’re urging large institutions to pressure the dirty banks, and we’re supporting state legislation requiring that California’s public pension funds divest from all fossil fuel companies.  We are also mobilizing communities to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s financial incentives to move away from fossil fuel energy, toward net zero. And we’re advocating at the California Public Utilities Commission to ensure that the state reaches its goal of 100% green energy generation by 2045.

Your leadership and ideas on these and other climate actions in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are welcome and encouraged.


Our voting rights are in peril. Our civil rights are threatened.  Progress made in the late 20th Century on voting and civil rights is being eroded.  Anti-democratic forces are curtailing voting rights, gerrymandering voting districts to make our government non-representative, intimidating and harassing election officials, and politicizing the counting and certification of elections to favor one party over another.  For the first time during our lives, a Constitutional right has been eliminated.

Third Act SF Bay Area is working with pro-democracy allies to protect the vote for all and to make sure that elections are determined by the vote of the people.

Third Act SF Bay members are working to register voters locally, and in two of the California districts that will be crucial for winning back the House of Representatives.

In our local SF Bay Area work, we are focusing on Voter Registration for Returning Family Members (formerly incarcerated people). As the election cycle goes forward, we will also be involved in youth voter registration.

Beyond the Bay Area we are working with the Bay Area Coalition of 20+ partner organizations to increase voter registration and participation in critical Districts 13 and 22 in California’s Central Valley.


You can find our meeting schedule and contacts  in our DecemberJanuary Newsletter. We are excited about working with you!