Welcome! We are a passionate and determined group of Elders from the greater Sacramento region (and beyond), boldly stepping up to safeguard our democracy and stabilize the climate. 

 It's our intention to be good ancestors.

This is our Third Act, our time to step up to protect democracy, defend justice, act to ensure a safe climate future, and create a better world for those we love and future generations. This will be our legacy.

What We Do

Local action is where we shine. Elders in our region are flexing our power to insist on rapid effective climate action at the scale necessary to avoid climate chaos. Solving the climate crisis requires a strong democracy that places people and planet over profit. 

Climate Action

Third Actors are committed to leaving a safe planet for current and future generations. Our first campaign is Banking On Our Future. We will put pressure on local and national banks and institutions to stop funding fossil fuel projects. Additionally, we will get involved in local activities that accelerate the equitable transition to a fossil fuel free future. Learn more here.

Protect our democracy

Third Actors are fighting for a strong democracy that works for all, not just the rich and powerful. We will work to strengthen our democracy, including civic engagement, policy advocacy and legislation, voting rights and election protection, and increased public participation. Learn more here.