We are Puget Sounders coming together to make good trouble protecting our planet and our democracy. We'll put our collective energy and resources toward creating a sustainable future for all. Now is our chance to make a difference for the planet and people we love. All are needed and welcomed!

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Today our dreams for the future are at risk. It is time for elders to join hands, working together with everyone (kids, grandkids, family and friends) in pledge and action. We imagine building a powerful and effective Pacific Northwest movement, engaging thinkers and doers, listeners and warriors – a myriad of people acting toward a common goal: building a movement to heal our country and planet.

We are a newly formed Working Group, guided by a small group of volunteers. We are working closely with Third Act central to support their national initiatives, and locally with mission-aligned organizations working on climate and democracy issues. As we build our local Third Act community, we plan to organize projects of our own.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a bold and joyful community to bring this vision to life.

What We Do

Supported and guided by the Third Act central organization, we are excited to:

  • Learn about climate and democracy issues and how to work effectively to make a difference.
  • Act, individually and as a group, in person and via Zoom, on Third Act’s democracy and climate initiatives.
  • Partner with local democracy and climate organizations to support their efforts and expand their reach and impact.
  • Create and participate in our own TAPS local actions.
  • Inspire and invite our families, friends, and others in our networks to join us.

Third Act Puget Sound partners with regional organizations on climate and/or democracy issues. We encourage our Third Act supporters to participate in their actions. We view our role as engagers in and amplifiers of their work. There is much to be done; all steps count!

Democracy Partner: Common Power

Common Power is a Seattle-based nonprofit working on supporting democracy in Washington state and around the country. We will be working with them on the 2022 midterm elections. Sign-up to join the Third Act Puget Sound Working Group to get started, or visit CommonPower.org to learn more!

Climate Partner(s): As we seek out Puget Sound climate partner(s), we will also be organizing people to write to and visit their local bank branch managers to share concerns and urge the banks to stop investing in fossil fuels.

Send us your ideas for additional democracy and climate partners!

We hope you’ll join us. In the meantime, check out some of Third Act’s events and resources, and Third Act’s Working Principles.  Learn more about the Safeguarding Our Democracy and Banking on our Future campaigns. And don’t miss Third Act’s Good Trouble video.