We are an inclusive collective of spunky oldsters from all around the Keystone State. We collaborate in local, state and national ways to protect the planet and strengthen democracy. Join us!

About the PA Working Group

As experienced Pennsylvanians, we’ve been around long enough to know that NOW is the time for action! Seniors across the state and around the country are linking up – head, heart and hands – to take the entangled fights for climate and democracy to the next level. 

The mission of Third Act connects our generation of 60+ Pennsylvanians with progressives of all ages. As founder Bill McKibben recently explained, earthlings really do have a chance to avert the worst of global warming. To make sure this gets done with justice for all, the world needs democracy and voting rights to thrive. We need Wall Street and the big banks to move investments AWAY from fossil fuels and INTO renewable energy. As older folks, we know all too well that there is no more time to waste. Our kids and grandkids need us to actively support them with our wits and wisdom as they build out the new energy infrastructure for a sustainable future.

PA Third Actors are just getting started. Help us make sure Pennsylvania is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

What will this look like? PA grassroots volunteers are inspired by Third Act’s working principles. Campaign activities may take the form of meet-ups, marches, letter writing, engaging with local officials, voter outreach, educational programs, and more. Now is our time! Join us!

Email: ThirdActPA@gmail.com; Working Group Website: thirdactpa.org