The NYC working group intends to play a major role in protecting both our fragile climate and our fragile democracy.

If you’re a New Yorker 60 years or older, join our efforts to protect both our fragile climate and our fragile democracy! Help us build this local NYC group into something powerful and successful. Because we Boomers know it’s not okay, and it’s time for us to step up, not step back.

As New Yorkers, we have a fiercely proud history of activism. Countless social justice and labor movements got their start and found crucial support in our city. 60+ New Yorkers have a ton of skills and resources. We’re feisty, loud and unafraid to lift our voices. And many of us have kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids. We have, in other words, deeply personal reasons to participate.


We acknowledge the painful fact that in the decades since the first UN climate meeting in Rio 1992, global carbon emissions have continued to rise. It’s time for our generation to act TOGETHER and leverage our enormous power and resources. We need to fight for our children’s future before climate tipping points are exceeded that can never be reversed.

We must pass on a climate and biosphere that can support our children and their children for generations to come.


We must also pass on a thriving democracy, where all voices are heard and the rights of all are protected. Our generation is demographically huge – some statistics show that 10,000 Americans turn 60 each day – and we VOTE. We need to take every opportunity to remind our elected representatives of the work to be done, and we need to support our sisters and brothers across the country as they fight against voter suppression and the erosion of our rights as citizens.

What We Do

Banking on our Future

The big banks have invest trillions in the fossil fuel industry. But that’s our money. It’s time to stop the banks using our hard-earned money to fund climate destruction. With so many of the major banks headquartered here in NYC, and with ready access to national media, the NYC working group can do much to support this crucial campaign. Learn more here.

Working in Coalition

Many groups and coalitions are working on the frontlines and building power here in NY City and State. Excellent organizations such as, DIVEST NY, SUNRISE MOVEMENT, NYC Grassroots Alliance have made significant strides, mobilizing and campaigning for climate justice and voting rights.

We see an important role for our NYC working group as we grow – joining these coalitions and supporting their actions and campaigns. We hope to bring the commitment, experience and resources of New Yorkers over 60 to strengthen these networks here in New York City and NY State.