Third Act Minnesota is an inclusive community of over age 60 Minnesotans united to create a sustainable future for our planet and fortify our democracy. Harnessing wisdom from our years, we act locally and nationally to make a difference together for future generations. Your voice can amplify our efforts. Join us!

Third Act Minnesota is just getting started. As Minnesotans, we are deeply connected to our natural environment, from our beautiful lakes and forests, to our rich farmland. We are the custodians of the Upper Mississippi River, home to the river’s headwaters and the stunning Gorge. Some of us live along the North Shore of Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake. We are concerned about the impacts of climate change on our state, among them more intense storms, temperature extremes and reoccurring unhealthy air quality, which threaten wildlife populations, our agricultural industry and especially our most vulnerable people. We are also committed to protecting our democracy, which we see as under threat from voter suppression and the influence of big money in politics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize Minnesotans age 60+ to take collective action on climate justice issues and to strengthen our democracy.  We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both for ethical and strategic reasons. We believe that diverse organizations lead to a more just society and outperform those that are less diverse.  We utilize the skills, resources and time of our members and take action joyfully and intentionally.

What We Do

Defund Fossil Fuels

In March 2023, a Third Act Day of Action nationwide protest against banks funding fossil fuel projects led to the formation of the Minnesota Third Act Working Group.  We are encouraging our members to sign a pledge to cut up their credit cards and close their accounts at banks that are funding climate-destroying fossil fuel projects. We are also planning to take bold actions to put further pressure on banks to quit financing fossil fuel companies’ destruction of our planet.

Protecting Democracy

We aim to oppose voter suppression both in Minnesota and in battleground states throughout the country. We plan to work with Third Act National to support alliances to stop the anti-democratic schemes that are afoot.

Local Initiatives

In May 2023, Minnesota passed a historic environment, energy, and climate budget bill. This $2 billion package is set to make transformative investments to help Minnesota combat climate change and move more aggressively toward a carbon-free economy. The bill addresses major conservation issues, environmental justice concerns, and invests in initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to support and build upon these initiatives, working with our state government to incorporate climate change impacts into all decision-making, including transportation, infrastructure, housing, and clean energy. Because we are stronger when we work together, we collaborate  locally with mission-aligned organizations working on climate and democracy issues. Finally we will focus on the protection and conservation of the Upper Mississippi River, recognizing its ecological and cultural significance.


If you are a Minnesotan aged 60 years or older and are willing to subscribe to the Third Act Working Principles, we invite you to join us. Help us build this local Minnesota group into something powerful and successful. Because we know it’s not okay, and it’s time for us to step up, not step back.

We acknowledge and honor the fact that we live and work on the ancestral homelands of the Dakota, Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, Cheyenne, Oto, Iowa, and Meskwaki people. Minnesota is home to eleven distinct tribal nations, and this land holds deep historical, spiritual, and personal significance for its original stewards. We appreciate their enduring care and stewardship of this land throughout generations. We also recognize the ongoing effects of colonization and commit ourselves to learn, understand, and support Native communities in their efforts for sovereignty and cultural recognition.