Long-time activists (healthcare, education, electoral, reproductive rights, and environmental justice) have joined together to inspire other seniors to preserve our democracy and Mother Earth. We bring our organizing and creative skills to build a state-wide Third Act chapter.


Inspire seniors to join Third Act Illinois
Support local environmental justice initiatives
Participate in local and national electoral campaigns that advocate free and fair elections, voting rights, civil rights, and environmental justice.


To live in a sustainable world for future generations and a thriving participatory democracy.

What We Do

  • Preserve democracy by supporting local and national ┬ácandidates that support voting rights, civil rights, and climate justice
  • Inspire other seniors to join Third Act Illinois and sign the ┬áThird Act Pledge to put pressure on the 4 big banks that contribute to the fossil fuel industry.
  • Engage in important local environmental initiatives
  • Build alliances with Illinois-based environmental justice organizations.