Third Act Florida is a diverse community of Florida Seniors, ready and willing to work together to protect both our fragile climate and our precious American democracy. As a group we have skills, resources and a lifetime of experiences that make us a powerful force for the future. Join Us!


HB3 and the Conservative Attack on ESG Investing: Where Common Sense and Sound Investment Strategies Go to Die

Third Act Florida is pleased to announce the release of its initial Third Act Florida Report Card, the first in a planned series of research papers examining critical climate crisis and protection of democracy issues in Florida.


ThirdActFL is a place for Florida residents aged 60 and over to bring their talents, skills and economic resources together to protect the legacy of America for our children and our grandchildren. We are a welcoming community open to members from diverse backgrounds and from around the nation. Whether you  are native or long-time Floridians  or one of the thousands of residents who are new to our state, whether you live here full-time or  only part of the year,  we share a love for all  the Sunshine State offers, including a wonderful climate, a beautiful and diverse ecosystem, and fabulous outdoor activities.

We are also aware that many of the things we value most in Florida are under threat. Climate changes are causing stronger, more frequent storms that are damaging our homes and our gifts of nature. Our political storms pose a threat just serious to our democracy, as we watch assaults on voting rights, educational honesty, and freedom of expression through repressive legislation and voter intimidation. We share a determination not to allow those threats to go unchallenged.

What We Do

This is your opportunity to join Third Act Florida and help us develop our plan of action. ThirdActFL is a safe place to share ideas and concerns at a time when many of our state leaders are working to repress our freedoms of  thought and speech.

We will  add our presence and our voices to concerns specific to Florida and add the voices of Floridians to the projects and goals of the national organization. These include:

  • Participating in voter registration drives at high schools and college campuses
  • Seeking racial justice
  • Challenging banks that finance the fossil fuel industry
  • Speaking up at public forums and speaking truth to our political leaders
  • Adding our support and numbers to other local, state and national groups that are working to protect the democratic principles we cherish and the bountiful and beautiful natural resources that brought us to Florida.

If you are interested in ThirdActFL, you can learn more by completing the sign up information on this page.  A volunteer coordinator will contact you and answer your questions. There are no membership fees or dues, and you can choose your level of involvement. We have a place for everyone – you are welcome.

The New York Times called Third Act “Rocking Chair Revolutionaries.” If that is a title that appeals to you, please complete the Sign Up form to Join Us! as we “Act Up for Good” – for our state, our nation and for our grandchildren.