Elders in the Third Act Faith Working Group are motivated to explore how their spirituality and faith directs them to rise from their places of worship to stabilize the climate and our democracy.

Prophetic voices of faith and religion have been embedded in every social movement throughout history. To build a movement powerful enough to stabilize climate and democracy, Third Act Faith brings together elders of faith from a broad range of faith backgrounds and spiritual traditions. The Third Act Faith Working Group’s coordinating committee, composed of volunteer elders of faith across the county, recognizes and reinforces the extraordinary work of existing interfaith formations.

The Third Act Faith Working Group challenges thousands of previously inactive elders of faith into taking their next steps toward activism and engagement. We welcome and engage elders whose faith-based activism on climate and democracy is crucial to informing our collective work.

We recognize the enormous strength that elders of faith can build together. Third Act is grateful to the all-volunteer coordinating committee of Third Act elders of faith for leading and informing this work.

What We Do

The agenda for the Third Act Faith Working Group is very much a work in progress! We need your input and involvement to help us define where and how we move forward with joyful energy. Visit our How To Start page to learn how you can get involved.

  • Offer climate grief counseling and mentorship
  • Develop a faith-and-climate movie series to share
  • Create a digital “clearing house” of faith/climate resources
  • Provide materials to help distinguish between being political and partisan for faith communities
  • Curate a list of links to other organizations that we can support / collaborate with / learn from