Elders in the Third Act Educators Working Group have joined together to address the climate crisis and threats to democracy that imperil the future of children and young adult students.

Educators from across the nation, from K-12, community colleges, and universities are committed to working together, both elders and young people to:

  • Co-create climate and civic engagement teach-ins, develop repositories of resources, influence legislation, and advocate for school board decisions that encourage the development of essential climate knowledge.
  • End fossil fuel investments help by educational institutions and teacher pension funds.
  • work to maintain free and fair elections.

We envision a world in which all share a commitment to learning, justice, and equity to repair broken relationships with each other and with the land.

All are welcome here — whether you’re actively working as an educator, have worked in K-20 teaching, are a lifelong learner, or feel any other connection to this affiliation. The group needs your ideas, input, expertise, and passion. Join us!

What We Do

Learn more about Third Act Educators below– our climate and democracy initiatives, our working group calls, and our K-20 coordinating committee that guides our work.

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Climate Change Focus

Third Act Educators are supporting students for climate action around the globe.

We are mobilizing educators  to engage in two research projects around climate change education..

In addition, we are participating in a Classrooms for Climate Action initiative.

Aligned with Third Act’s Banking on our Future campaign, we are also supporting divestment of fossil fuels of colleges and university endowments as well as supporting fossil fuel divestments in state teacher retirement systems.

Democracy Focus

Third Act Educators have been and continue to be actively involved in safeguarding our democracy as you can learn here.

Education Focus

Third Act Educators, commencing with 2023, will be engaged in designing, developing and facilitating teach-ins for the working group and all Third Act supporters.

Monthly Calls

Please join our monthly working group calls by learning more about them here and registering here.


Third Act Educators have begun to compile and are constantly updating a list of resources that may be of interest for educators around climate and democracy.

Coordinating Committee

Our Coordinating Committee is currently comprised of K-12, community college, and university educators from California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

Contact Us

Please contact us at thirdacteducators@gmail.com