"When we start to act, hope is everywhere”
— Greta Thunberg

Like these activists, Third Act Educators have come together to take actions on the dual crises of threats to the climate and democracy.

“…The science is telling us that this is our last chance to avert planetary disaster.  Let’s choose to leave a legacy of care and repair, one that sees humanity not only survive, but thrive.  The …revolution we have all been waiting for is already happening.  We just don’t hear that much about it as the fossil fuel industry has run a relentless fear campaign to protect their corporate interests…Change is already sweeping the world from board rooms to homes right across the planet.

— Joelle Gergis (2023) Humanity’s Moment:  A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope; Island Press

(A lead author on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report)

About Us:
We are a diverse group of senior educators spanning the educational spectrum:  from kindergarten teachers to graduate school professors and administrators.

Our Mission:
is to restore and sustain the health of our climate and our democracy, working with other local, national, and international campaigns engaged in the same or similar efforts. Our primary mode of direct action is through our own: Third Act Educator Project Teams  (see below).

Our Goal:
is to educate and organize diverse  citizens—young and old—in collaboration with other organizations on threats to climate and democracy by pressuring those in power through protestOpEdsendorsement of legal strategies, and lobbying, along with other organizations.

Our Policies:
Third Act Educators is a democratically organized Working Group, an arm of Third Act Central that seeks to engage in inclusivity and transparent, egalitarian participation and decision making.

Monthly Zoom Meetings:
We invite you to join our monthly Working Group Zoom meeting where we have presentations by scholars and activists, work on collective Project Team actions in Breakout Rooms, and create a community of purpose. As a member we also welcome you to submit ideas for future action projects that coincide with our stated goals: Third Act Educators Project Team Proposal Form.

What We Do

TA Educator Actions: 2022-23
Upcoming TA Educators Actions:  2023-24
March against Fossil Fuels; NYC, Sept 17



Take Actions on Climate, the IRA, and Public Utility Commissions: Here, Here, Here, Here


  • Third Act Central:  Banking on Our Future Campaign
  • Third Act Educators Project TeamDivestment of Fossil Fuel from College and University Endowments and Pensions, and State Teacher Retirement Systems.
  • To join the Educators Divestment Project Team email: sheldonpollock@gmail.com

Take Actions on Divestment: Here, Here, Here and Here


Take Actions on K-12 Climate in Curriculum:  Here, Here, Here, Here


Take Actions On Safeguarding Democracy: Here, Here, Here, and Here


See the list of resources members of Third Act have compiled.  We invite TA Educator Members to suggest additions to these resources. Send your suggestions to thirdacteducators@gmail.com.


We welcome educators 60 or older to join us and become a Third Act Educator member by completing and submitting the sign-up form on this Webpage.  Please contact us at thirdacteducators@gmail.com  We look forward to meeting you!