We are creatives that bring our skills, knowledge and experience as musicians, dancers, directors, performers, actors, writers and visual artists together to communicate the urgent necessity for transformational cultural change to address the climate crisis of our planet.

“Liberty Votes by Mail” quilt by Kit Miller, Third Act Nevada| Radical-threads.com

Third Act Creatives (TAC) are creative volunteers who feel strongly about leaving the world a better place for future generations. We are professional and amateur artists, working and retired, in all disciplines of the arts, dedicated to providing resources for Third Act and its working groups all across the United States.

What We Do

THE CREATIVE WORKING GROUP works in all forms including the graphic arts, design, sound, music, theater, film, movement and words, fiction and non-fiction to advance the efforts of Third Act.

We are here to provide any type of artistic expression that can help to advocate sustainability and democracy.

We are here to collaborate with other Third Act working groups to support their work with art that inspires and motivates action.

We can deliver creative responses on local levels as well as national and we are an open channel for requests for whatever campaigns and actions are envisioned by other members of Third Act.

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