Third Act Connecticut is a statewide movement focused on climate and democracy. We are organizing with a sense of urgency, a commitment to inclusion and justice, and a belief in the power of community. Bring your skills, experience and hope and join us to help make us a powerful force for good in our state!

Third Act Connecticut first gathered with activist and educator Bill McKibben in Spring 2023. We are compelled to initiate activism and advocacy – both against climate chaos and for strengthening our democracy.

Third Act Connecticut will launch as an affiliate of Third Act in Fall 2023, and we invite you to join us! We need your urgency and your passion. Third Act CT will take up challenges specific to Connecticut.

Third Act calls upon us, especially as we reach 60+, to share our energy, expertise and commitment to causes we believe in. In this ‘3rd act’ of our lives, we can build powerful community – creating a sustainable future for our grandchildren. As we retire, we have abundant resources and endless opportunities for engagement.

Connecticut, the Constitution State … we have been at the forefront of advocating for democracy since the Fundamental Orders of 1639. It’s in our DNA. We are well acquainted with acts of resistance to tyranny and unjust authority, most notably in the stories of:

· The Charter Oak from 1687
· The lives of Prudence Crandall and Sarah Harris
· The Amistad trial

Third Act Connecticut will tap into this DNA. We will resist threats to democracy. We will advocate for a fossil free future. And we are not alone! Together, we will overcome a sense of paralysis. We will work in concert with others of similar commitment – locally, across our nation, and around our globe.

The destruction of our beautiful and fragile earth is the ultimate call to resistance, to creativity and to community – and in all three of these we find hope. Join us to build an inclusive and diverse movement of solidarity in a time of transformation. We need you.

What We Do

CT is the insurance capitol of the world so we take particular interest in property and casualty companies and their underwriting of and investment in fossil fuels. We are also a small enough state that we can engage in coalitions and with partners to accomplish CT sustainability goals. Keenly interested in environmental justice right here in our own state, we anticipate engaging issues of equity, public participation in decision-making, and building a just transition for CT and the globe.