Third Act Colorado is a dedicated group of over 60's folks joining together in creative actions as we work to protect our democracy and save our precious planet. We are committed, in this our "third act", to using our resources and our skills to better the world for those coming after us. Join with us as we joyfully work to become good ancestors!

Third Act Colorado will be working alongside Third Actors across the country on national campaigns. In addition, we will focus on Colorado specific actions that center around protecting the climate and our democracy. We are working to build a group of elders who represent the diversity of Colorado’s people and places. We are committed to working with and supporting other groups whose work  aligns with that of Third Act. We need your experience, ideas and passion to help us create a vibrant, purposeful Third Act Colorado working group. Come join us!!

What We Do

Aligned with Third Act’s goals of protecting the climate and strengthening our democracy, Third Act CO will endorse and fully participate in promoting Safe and Healthy Colorado’s statewide ballot initiative, led by 350  It demands a phasing out of any NEW fracking permits by 2030. 350 Colorado has the aggressive goal of getting this on the 2024 ballot and Third Act Colorado wants to help them achieve it. For thoroughly researched information about this campaign, please go to Safe and Healthy Colorado .

Another action that Third Act CO is undertaking is Beneficial Electrification. We will educate our neighbors in Colorado on the advantages of home electrification. In creating a healthier indoor environment, homeowners will also reduce green house gas emissions and reduce demand for fossil fuels. Home electrification is one of the most impactful actions an individual can take. We will focus on creating a customized electrification plan for individual homes that takes advantage of all public and private subsidies, incentives and programs offered to Colorado residents. In this way, we will be able to demonstrate to residents that electrification can be simple and financially advantageous should their furnace, A/C, water heater or stove fail and a replacement is immediately necessary. This program gives volunteers an opportunity to interact with neighbors personally for a rewarding experience.