We're a diverse team of Arizonans, working together in a state rich with biodiversity and renewable energy. We’re energized to defend our democracy and promote a sustainable future for our living Earth.


The members of Third Act Arizona share a vision of our state and nation where we support and sustain:

  • Our natural environment, because its health is essential to continue supporting and sustaining us indefinitely.
  • A just and effective representative democracy, because we benefit from the freedom, equality, and opportunity that it provides.



To realize the Third Act Arizona working group vision, we:

  • Actively support the mission of the Third Act organization to ensure the success of its national campaigns.
  • Raise awareness, encourage engagement, and expand participation throughout Arizona.
  • Create and execute Arizona-specific programs, activities, and partnerships.



  • We follow Third Act’s working principles, participate in its national campaigns, make maximum use of its resources, and leverage its national reputation and influence to make our work more efficient, more fulfilling, and more effective.
  • We invite and seek out 60+ elders from all walks of life to ensure that our work benefits and is informed by the full diversity of our state.
  • We partner with and support the intergenerational efforts of other Arizona organizations where our mutual goals can be more effectively realized.
  • We appreciate the regional nature and challenges of pursuing our mission and seek ways to collaborate with our local and neighbor governments to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • We defend the environment by identifying the most serious issues to Arizona and beyond for which we can make the most impactful improvement, and we devise and organize effective programs to address those issues.
  • We defend democracy by encouraging and facilitating the exercise of voting rights and by opposing efforts that would hinder or intimidate any Arizonan from participating in the electoral process.
  • We mutually support each other as a community of elders to stay engaged in the face of internal and external ageism.
  • We commit ourselves to the values and practice of diversity and inclusiveness.

What We Do


We anticipate a robust, rewarding, and impactful list of activities will soon fill this space. However, as Third Act Arizona is in its developmental infancy, our entire energies are currently devoted to creating an effective organizational structure and recruiting like-minded Arizona elders to join us. If you are at least 60 years of age and live in this Grand Canyon State, we hope you will use the interest form to hop on our mailing list to keep informed about the opportunities for preserving our Arizona democracy and environment.

We respectfully acknowledge that we live and work in Arizona on the traditional land and territories of indigenous peoples, including 22 federally recognized tribes, and honor with gratitude the land, water, and those who have cared for these life-sustaining systems for generations.