Working Groups are one way that people can get involved with Third Act - by affinity and by location - so you can build community, culture, and engagement as we grow our movement of experienced Americans over 60 years old.

These Working Group Agreements help to articulate some of the roles, responsibilities, and relationships among Third Act and our amazing volunteers as together we foster a collaborative and caring culture of mutual respect.

Members of Third Act Working Groups agree to:

  • Adhere to Third Act’s Movement Principles that underpin how we treat each other, govern ourselves, and our pledge to be nonviolent
  • Agree to being contacted by this Working Group’s Coordinating Committee
  • Set goals related to:
    • Membership recruitment
    • Third Act Climate and Democracy campaigns
    • Culture and community building (i.e., offering workshops like “Elders Going Deeper” sessions, art builds, etc.)
  • Understand that Third Act reserves the right to take away the agency of a working group for violating these agreements

Coordinating Committee volunteer members of Third Act Working Groups agree to:

  • Rotate leadership roles (i.e., note taking, facilitation)
  • Share decision making through modified consensus
  • Ensure broad community representation of leadership roles
  • Engage in one-on-one sessions with new members of working groups to plug them in and make them feel welcome
  • Rotate attendance on monthly working group leadership calls
  • Rotate off after 12-24 months

In kind, Third Act pledges to our Working Groups that we will:

  • Provide staff support, guidance, training and education
  • Ensure robust communication among working group participants through working group webpages and other tools to facilitate deep organizing.