Working Groups are volunteer run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. We encourage these Working Groups to carry out organizing, communication and campaigns.

By affinity and location

We organize by geographic region, but also by the way you identify yourself by affinity. It’s easy to see how a working group in Illinois could weigh in effectively on local issues; it’s also easy to imagine how Third Act Health Professionals could leverage their lifetime of experience to advocate powerfully on public health and the climate crisis.

Upcoming Groups

We are establishing new Working Groups in cycles and anticipate our next cohort to launch this summer. Don’t worry if your location or affinity group hasn’t started up yet. All of our campaign work can be done by individuals and in your own existing communities. Visit the What We Do pages to find actions you can take today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working groups are organized by either affinity (faith, lawyers, educators etc.) or geographic location.  The working group is the organizing action arm of Third Act.  Working groups organize, educate, communicate, inspire and mobilize local or affinity-based volunteers to take actions to further the goals of Third Act around protecting our climate and our democracy.  They should promote the national Third Act campaign actions as well as develop and promote local climate and democracy actions.

Each working group is served by a coordinating committee of 6-12 experienced volunteers. Each coordinating committee selects at a minimum a facilitator, a note taker, a communications coordinator and a volunteer coordinator.  These leadership positions are described here. They can be held by a single person or be shared and can involve a larger set of volunteers sharing the responsibilities. Other coordinating committee members who are not specified leaders or co-leaders can offer other skills or assigned tasks or head up other non-mandatory teams.  It is recommended that leadership positions rotate every 12-36 months so some coordinating committee members may be assisting until they can step into a leadership role in the future.  Decisions should be by consensus whenever possible, but may require a majority vote if consensus is not achieved.

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Third Act encourages the formation of Working Groups to carry out organizing, communication and campaigns. These can be by affinity or by geographic location.

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