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My Biggest Dream – Resolve the Climate Crisis

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” — Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

My biggest dream is to resolve the climate crisis.

In February, I was one of over 500 Third Actors who pledged to travel to Washington D.C. to hold three days of protests against the development of more liquified natural gas terminals on the south coast of the U.S.  That was enough pressure for President Biden to put a pause on the permitting process.  I count that as successful non-violent direct action (NVDA). 

Recently I mentioned my goal of bringing 100 members of Third Act Vermont (TA VT) with me to the non-violent direct actions in New York City this summer.  The campaign is called the Summer of Heat on Wall Street.

 A few days ago I attended a (NVDA) training with one other person from TA VT.  We spent time with leaders from other Third Act working groups around the northeast who are also preparing to confront CitiBank and other financiers of continued fossil fuel infrastructure development.

As of today there are half a dozen people from TA VT who have told me they are willing to join me in protests on Wall Street.  We just need another 93 to reach this goal, a step towards making my dream come true. 

Even though bringing a hundred folks from TA VT may feel impossible, it is what I have decided to try to do.  I have a powerful vision of elders, getting up out of our rocking chairs, taking a stand for the sake of the planet and all life that it holds, including the future of our grandchildren.  

For me, I am also fighting for a livable planet for myself, this year, here in Vermont.  I am afraid for my garden, the forests that I love, the quality of the air I breathe and the water I drink as we face the quickly rising global temperatures.  I am afraid for our society that has not acted at a pace and scale sufficient to halt that rise in temperature.

I also feel afraid that my words and actions won’t be large and strong enough to convince you to join me. 

My dream scares me.  Do I have enough time and energy to do everything I can think of to make my dream a reality?  My dream scares me because I feel like I won’t be able to control or predict what will happen.  My dream scares me because I’m not sure if you share my dream.

However, I know that I am not alone.  Over the last few years I have heard Bill McKibben repeatedly say, “Climate change is the single biggest thing that humans have ever done on this planet. The one thing that needs to be bigger is our movement to stop it.”  I am putting my efforts with his to make our movement large enough to turn things around.  Please join us. 

–Laurel Green

Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.