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I Am One

I Am One


I am only one, but still I am one. 

I cannot do everything, but still I can do something 

and because I cannot do everything, 

I will not refuse to do the something 

that I can do.

 – Edward Everett Hale

Why I decided to do Non-violent Civil Disobedience (NVDA)

As a woman elder I want to tell you why I am willing to take part in the Summer of Heat on Wall Street and am willing to put myself at risk for arrest.


Until the past few years, I took full advantage of living in the U.S. during the fossil fuel feast. I drove across the U.S. a half dozen times and drove from Mexico to Alaska.  I flew across the U.S. many times and also flew to Europe and to China. I lived my whole life in a consumption based lifestyle.  However, I see now that everything I buy is laced with fossil fuel. Now, I know how this lifestyle hurts the whole ecosystem that I depend on, so I can act differently.

I am a good candidate for NVDA.  I no longer have dependent children. I no longer have aging parents. I’m not worried about my resume, or an arrest record. I can afford to be away from home for a week this summer.

There have been a few little worries in my mind. Details that I can figure out – how to travel, where to stay, how this adventure might affect my aging body.  I see these as small details compared to taking a stand for the health of my planet. The big thing for me has been to decide to participate in NVDA.

So, I recently decided to give up comfort for one week to face off with the banks, insurance companies and the other funders of the fossil fuel industry. I am calling on my integrity and courage to do this.  I can share my experience of this novel adventure with my children and grandchildren.

Here is my version of Edward Everett Hale’s poem:

I am only one.  If you join me, we are two,

If we both bring a crew, we are a dozen.

If Third Act Vermont brings 20 crews, we are a hundred.

If all the Third Act working groups in and surrounding New York City

 bring 20 crews, we are a 1,000!


Together, I think, we can change

 the hearts and minds of people

 by showing up on Wall Street.


I need to be there.  

I want you to be there, too.

Please join me.

     – Laurel Green

Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.