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We all know that there's a slim window to safeguard democracy and protect our climate. Third Act is going to be key and we've identified a new, massive, and under-organized demographic: Americans over 60 who care about the future. If you can pitch in, this is the time.

Introducing the ‘No Time To Waste’ Fund

Help us raise our goal of $500,000 before December 31, 2023.


Why we must act now.

The struggles to safeguard our democracy and to protect our climate are inextricably linked. We’re all experiencing environmental traumas from climate change – the increase of wildfires and smoke spreading across the continent, extreme heat, diminishing wildlife, floods in some areas and drought in others. And we’ve seen the direct threats to our democracy grow stronger: gerrymandered districts, suppressed voting rights, election denial and interference threaten progress on all of our country’s issues.  

Third Act has found a gap in the progressive movement ecosystem—channeling the passion, skills, and commitment of Americans over 60—and the interest in our work is staggering. It is far beyond what our small staff team can currently harness. Now that we have a solid organizing model in place for moving folks into action, we are seeking to build our base, deepen our power, and make viable plans for engaging new and critical communities. 

The No Time to Waste Fund will help ramp up our organizing work to support 60,000+ Third Actors plus allies coast to coast—from staffing and training, to events and digital support. With your investment, we can build a mighty force of volunteers in all 50 states, especially in vulnerable communities and hot spots, that works for a just and sustainable America while building a legacy of a brighter future for everyone and our planet. Your generosity will help Third Actors respond quickly—as needed, when needed, where needed. 

Here’s a snapshot of how your contribution can help:

• $300 ($25 per month) can pay for food & materials for an in-person event or training

• $600 ($50 per month) can help cover costs for a working group’s demonstrations over several months

• $1,200 ($100 per month) can pay a trainer to educate hundreds of volunteers about effective campaigning, base-building, or local media outreach

• $5,000 can help cover travel expenses for frontline community members coming from a multi-state region for a demonstration

• $10,000 can support a multi-day, in-person training that brings together Working Group coordinators from multiple states

• $50,000 can support an additional part-time organizer to build and support new Third Act communities for a year

We know that building strong ties in communities is key to building momentum toward a cultural shift. Our approach is based on many decades of organizing experience held among our staff, and also in research published by movement veterans, and sociologists who study behavior change. And we know that our Third Actors are deeply committed to the experience: 

We now have over 70 Third Actors in our ranks here. And while we work to make a difference to protect both our planet and our democracy, I’m also struck by the difference that Third Act has made in our lives. Joining us in community with others, helping us to feel purposeful even at our advanced ages. Giving us a voice in a world that needs healing. Without this sense of agency, action is impossible. Third Act gives us that.”

-Marjorie R, 85, Co-Facilitator of Third Act Massachusetts 

Many people find automatic monthly contributions easy. Others prefer to give stocks, or make a gift from their required minimum distributions or Donor Advised Fund—please ask us for the details. Anything you can give will help Third Act to build the just and sustainable future we need!

You can use the form here to make a donation that is NOT tax-deductible.

(Please see our FAQs below on how to make tax-deductible donations of all kinds.) Your contributions to Third Act here help us build grassroots power. This helps us come out on the sharper end of political discourse for our legislative and electoral work, and work with key partners. If you’d prefer to send a check you can address it to Third Act Initiative and send it to the following address:

Third Act
PO Box #445
Nassau, NY 12123

Please see our FAQs below on how to make tax-deductible donations, donate via donor advised funds (DAFs), via gifts of stock, bequests and legacy planning, and through your business’ association with 1% for the Planet. You can also direct questions about all forms of giving to Pam Murphy, Development Manager, at


Yes! If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to Third Act, you can do so via Sustainable Markets Foundation, our 501c3 fiscal sponsor.

To send a check:

  • Please make checks out to Sustainable Markets Foundation, and write “Third Act” into the memo line. Checks can be sent by mail to:
  • Sustainable Markets Foundation (for Third Act), 40 West 37th St., Suite 1000, New York, NY 10018-7311

To send a wire transfer:

  • Please write to for ACH details.
  • Grantee / Account name: Sustainable Markets Foundation—EIN number (tax ID number): 13-4188834.

Please see the next FAQ for details about donating via Donor Advised Fund. (DAFs).

Any further questions should be directed to . Thanks for supporting our work.

If you would like to donate to Third Act through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF), you can do so via Sustainable Markets Foundation, our 501c3 fiscal sponsor. Here’s the information you’ll need:

  • Grantee / Account name: Sustainable Markets Foundation
  • EIN number (tax ID number): 13-4188834.
  • Address: Sustainable Markets Foundation (for Third Act), 40 West 37th St., Suite 1000, New York, NY 10018-7311.
  • Contact name: Jay Halfon, Director, Sustainable Markets Foundation
  • Contact phone: 212-764-0521

It should be possible to include “Third Act” in a memo or Grant Designation line. Any further questions should be directed to . Thanks!

Third Act can accept gifts of stock. Please send an email to for instructions about how to begin a transfer.

Yes. If you’re interested in or planning on making Third Act a beneficiary in your will or estate plans please email

We would be honored to work with you to create a lasting legacy in support of a fair and stable planet. You can include us as a beneficiary in your will or estate plans. A bequest is easy to arrange and is not payable until you pass away, so it does not affect assets or cash flow during the your lifetime. It is also private and revocable, since you can change provisions in the will or trust at any time, and it is not made public until death.

However we’d love to honor you by including your name among those in our Legacy Circle once you’ve decided to include us in your estate plans. Please do let us know when you’ve added us to your estate, and if you’d prefer to keep your name anonymous.

Your lawyer will need Third Act’s mailing address: Third Act Initiative, PO Box 445, Nassau, NY 12123


Third Act is a recognized partner of 1% for the Planet. If your business is interested in donating through that program, you can find us in their non-profit directory, or by writing directly to Pam Murphy at

Third Act Initiative participates in election advocacy to make sure we can “name names,” make endorsements, and come out on the sharper edge of political discourse during election cycles. It also allows us to participate in key efforts to get-out-the-vote for races that matter.

It is prohibited to use tax-deductible donations to fund this vital piece of Third Act’s work, so a portion of our staff time, software, and digital platforms must be accounted for with “c4 dollars,” or non-deductible revenue.

The easiest way is to send a check to Third Act, P.O. Box 445, Nassau, NY 12123. Please give us your name and address, as well as the name, and email/mailing address for the person you’d like to be notified of your gift. The person will only be told the amount if it involves a group of gifts (ex. Five donations were received from these people (……) in honor of Jane Doe.)

If you prefer to give online, you can donate through this Donate web page and send the above contact information to

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