Here are details for recording your Tribute video and sharing on social media.

Senior to Senior voter registration school graduation celebration

Join Third Act’s intergenerational “Senior-to-Senior” initiative to help graduating high school seniors in your life register to vote.  

Record a Tribute Video
About Life Milestones (Like Voting!)

This graduation season, Third Act wants to share your invaluable voting experiences with the next generation of voters! Using the Tribute video platform, you can record a video—of yourself, or with a graduating high school senior, or a teacher in your life— reflecting on prompts like these:

  • Reflecting on major life milestones (i.e. turning 18, graduating, becoming eligible to vote, etc.), what are some ways voting and civic engagement have had a direct impact on your life or community?
  • Have you been involved with election campaigns? Have you been a poll worker? Have you canvassed or encouraged other voters?
  • What makes you keep voting? What motivates you to be a regular, dependable voter?
  • What motivates you to register younger voters? What encouragement do you have for younger voters?
  • Please share a personal voting story with us!

Here are detailed instructions:

Record your video:

  • Go to Third Act’s Tribute platform
  • Follow the instructions there to Record and Upload your short video (look for the red button)
  • Enter your name and email address, or sign-in with Facebook.
  • A pop-up will appear and you should see yourself on camera. There are icons for settings, camera/lighting quality, and sound quality. Click on the red Record button. You will have the opportunity to “Redo” or “Confirm” your video. Then Upload.
  • You can record a video on your computer or your phone.
  • Ideally, please limit your video to 2 minutes or shorter.

Share your video on social media:

  • Tag Third Act: Twitter and Instagram: @Third_Act_Org; Facebook: @ThirdActOrg; TikTok:@thirdactorg 
  • Tag The Civics Center: @thecivicscenter 
  • Use Hashtags: #ReadyToVote, #FutureVoter, #ClassOf2022, #Congrats, #Graduation, #DefendDemocracy, #VoteReady, #midterms, #DemocracyForce

Here are some sample posts:

  • Hey Class of 2022 – will you join @third_act_org and @thecivicscenter to be #ReadyToVote by graduation? Register here: 
  • I shared my voting story with the next generation of voters through the #ReadyToVote campaign by @third_act_org & @thecivicscenter. You should too! See my video here: #SafeguardingOurDemocracy #SeniorToSenior
  • Congratulations to the #ClassOf2022! Check out this voter registration campaign from @third_act_org and @thecivicscenter to learn how you can make a difference in your community by voting: then register to vote here: 
  • Inspiring the next generation of voters has been such a rewarding activity in my community. @third_act_org and @thecivicscenter have joined forces to make this process easier for the #ClassOf2022. Check out their intergenerational Voter Registration Campaign here:
  • #SeniorToSenior: Voting has led to direct changes in my community. I think it’s important to inspire Gen-Z to register & vote so they can create the future they envision. Register to vote here: and check out the voting stories of people 60 & older here:

Thank you for sharing your creativity and voting stories as we cultivate a culture of civic engagement!

Return to the Senior-to-Senior: Intergenerational Voter Registration page and take other actions to encourage young people to register to vote.