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Each of us has a vital role to play in ensuring a healthier, happier future.

About Working Groups

Our community-driven working groups are organized by affinity and location so Third Act elders feel connected to each other and to the bigger picture of our work to stabilize climate and democracy.

Each working group has its own smaller coordinating committee of elders to ensure good governance and strategic focus. We hope everyone will join one or more local or affinity working groups and devote your work, care and focus into these smaller communities. We want this to be a mechanism for people to build relationships and lean into their expertise, identities and passions.

Please first read the Working Group Agreements and then complete and submit the brief sign-up form to join the Third Act Sacramento Working Group. Together with you, we look forward to growing the Third Act movement in the greater Sacramento area, building community, and having fun while making a difference!

Please join us in your Third Act. This is our time to step up to protect democracy, defend justice, act to ensure a safe climate future, and create a better world for those we love and for future generations. This will be our legacy. For more information, contact us at