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As a determined group of experienced Northern Californians, we promote policies that stabilize the climate and safeguard our democracy.

Third Act.

We are the fastest growing part of the nationwide population.  Over 10,000 people-a-day pass their 60th birthday and join us at our age.  It’s our time to step up to protect democracy, defend justice and boldly act to ensure a safe climate as our legacy.

We begin with local action.  We flex our power to avoid climate chaos and insist on a strong democracy that places people and planet over profit.


Climate Action

We are committed to two important goals.

Our first goal is to leave a safe planet for future generations. We are determined to put pressure on financial institutions to stop funding fossil fuel projects. Our objective is to accelerate an equitable transition to a future that’s NOT dependent on fossil fuels. Learn more here.

Climate Finance—Summer of Heat

This spring and summer, thousands of activists, including Third Actors, will participate in the Summer of Heat campaign in New York City. Summer of Heat will be a time of sustained nonviolent direct action in New York City, multiple times a week for at least 12 weeks, starting June 10. During the same period in Sacramento, and aligned with climate finance activists in Southern CA and the Bay Area, Third Actors will hold simultaneous protests at major banks and insurance companies, bringing the heat (and bank pressure) home. In addition to engaging in local solidarity actions, some of us will also be traveling to NYC for Elder’s Day and/or Elder’s Week to be shoulder-to-shoulder with others at bank headquarters. Sign up for emails about the Summer of Heat.

Summer of Heat actions you can take from Sacramento:

  • Join the Third Act Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Network focused on NVDA, sharing resources, forming community and working in solidarity with each other!. Fill out the form.
  • Tues, May 7 at 9 am. Planning for Elder Day (6/13). nationwide network of Third Actors exploring how we can turn up the heat for fossil-fuel lending banks, for sharing resources and lessons learned and particularly for considering nonviolent direct action.  The meeting is for folks who will be participating in Elder Day on 6/13 in NYC, also for folks not going to NYC who want to support the campaign from their own locales and other folks who are interested in learning more about NVDA actions. Register here.
  • Wed, May 8 from 4:30-5:30 pm. Launch Call for Summer of Heat. Learn why the Summer of Heat campaign is so important. Register here.
  • Thurs, May 9 from 9:00-10:00 am. Third Act Sacramento meeting to plan next local bank action as part of a summer-long campaign in solidarity with New York Summer of Heat actions. Pat
  • Thurs, May 9, 1:00–2:00 pm. Third Act Central call re Summer of Heat, Elder Days, and other actions. Learn how we in Sacramento can get involved. Register here.
  • Wed, May 15, lunchtime. Bank action in Sacramento. First of a series of actions to be held locally in solidarity with Summer of Heat in NYC. Details to come.

If you have questions, are interested in getting involved with this campaign, or want to learn more about going to NY, contact Pat or Maureen.





Divest CalPERS/STRS Pension Funds from Fossil Fuel Investments

And, if you live in Assemblymember Nyugen’s district (AD 10 South Sacramento, Elk Grove…), please get involved with our SB 252 efforts. Nguyen is a crucial vote to get SB 252 out of its first committee.  We’d love to have you join our team to lobby her. Contact (for Ruth).






Protect Our Democracy

Our second goal is to ensure a strong democracy that works for ALL — not just the rich and powerful. We seek to strengthen our democracy through civic engagement, policy advocacy, legislation, voting rights and election protection. Learn more here.

Our Third Act Sacramento GOTV team is organizing postcard parties. Additional events, including phone banking and canvassing in key California districts, will be scheduled in future months. For more info about the postcard parties, support for hosting your own party, or getting involved with this team, contact (for Barbara) or (for Karen).

We have compiled a list of GOTV organizations—some focused solely on getting more people to vote, others on addressing the upcoming presidential elections. Still others will target state legislatures and congressional seats. See the list at

Over the past month, Third Act Sac has been busy writing postcards for candidates in Nevada, Arizona, and Central Valley districts in California. We’ve held about 6 postcard parties with an average of 4-5 people per event….in East Sac, Elk Grove, Land Park, Midtown, and even up the hill in Grass Valley. These parties are fun events—combining practical GOTV efforts with time to visit with others and nosh on goodies. On top of this, a number of individuals are working on their own to support GOTV efforts. All told, we estimate about 600 postcards have been sent to voters just in the last month.

Third Act Sacramento continues to hold postcard parties with dozens of people throughout the region. We also work with people who prefer to work on their own, and have written literally 100s of postcards. We are targeting the western states in these efforts, working with both Activate America and the Environmental Voter Project.

Two new neighborhood groups are currently being formed—one in Davis and a second in Curtis Park. If you are interested in pitching in to increase turnout in this once-in-a-lifetime election, please contact Karen or Barbara at

Can you sponsor a postcard party? It costs about $60 to host one party ($10 for the postcards and $50 for the stamps) and we will be hosting monthly parties in at least five areas in the greater Sacramento area. That adds up. Can you donate $60/month now through October? Or $30 to sponsor half the cost of a party? (Note: the donations are political in nature and are not tax deductible.) To learn more or become a sponsor, contact GOTV leads Barbara and Karen.


Register young voters with Senior2Senior

Join Senior to Senior to register high school seniors to vote in their government classes.

Encouraging young people to vote is one of the most significant ways we can support a strong democracy for our nation. This academic year, our Senior to Senior campaign has registered over 900 students to vote in Sacramento area high schools. In our first year, we added 600 to the voting rolls, so clearly Senior to Senior has been growing, thanks to the wonderful assistance of our volunteers!

We have one final opportunity to sign up senior students to vote this academic year. This will be on Thursday, May 23, at Bella Vista HS in Fair Oaks. There are two time periods available, both in the morning. If you would like to volunteer or wish to know more about this energetic campaign, please contact Mary Anne Fenstermaker ( or Linda Urquhart (

Letter writing team

Like to write? We have support letters, letters to the editor, and other writing tasks to be done. Join the new writing team by contacting (for Faith).

Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.