Here are some ideas for getting postcards and stamps

Options for Postcards:

Using the script you receive from Activate America, we recommend postcards that have one side entirely blank for your hand-written message—that way you don’t have to worry about running out of space.


  1. Download the Third Act postcard. You can print-at-home, or take the PDF file to a local copy shop to print there. To print-at-home, use 80 lb (12 pt) cardstock (ideally please use FSC-certified paper with recycled content). Note: The address and stamp go on the front side where the image is; write your message to the voter on the blank back side. There are two options linked below, a file sized for a single postcard, and a file that holds 4 postcards on a piece of 8.5×11 paper. Your print shop will tell you which they prefer to use!

    Your file will open in a new tab within your internet browser. Click on the download button or print icon to save the PDF as in the screen shot below.

  2. DIY/ buy from a local stationery store. They may carry postcards, index cards or cardstock to cut into postcards. See these regulations for DIY postcards (and more here), and choose cardstock that is 80 lb (12 pt). More than 80-100 lb may be difficult to print on a home printer. To use a postcard stamp, the card must be at least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long, and maximum of 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long.

  3. Order or Purchase postcards online. If you are purchasing postcards online (acceptable images/words), please ensure you can receive them with enough time so you can mail your postcards by the deadline(s) given to you by Activate America in the email with the postcard script and instructions.
  • Order Voting Quilts postcards from Radical Threads. Radical Threads is a collection of activist fiber artists sharing their messages through the medium of quilts. You can order up to 30 postcards for FREE via a generous Third Act Nevada member and quilter, Kit Miller, who is underwriting the printing and shipping. Thank you, Kit! Please note that you are with Third Act in the comment box.  Choose from 3 designs; here is the “Liberty Votes by Mail” design:
  • CLICK HERE to buy postcards online from the U.S. Post Office. Note – the Post Office may take a long time to fill your order, so give yourself a few weeks lead time to receive them.  Or if you go to the Post Office in-person to buy stamps, you can also ask if they sell postcards.
  • Buy online from ETSY.
  • Order and pick-up packs of 250 postcards for FREE if you are in the SF/East Bay Area in California (no shipping, pick up in El Cerrito, CA only). See cards here. Email to place an order.If you are part of a group you can get 1,000 postcards. While supplies last. Note: must use ballpoint pens.
  • See Activate America’s resource page on getting postcards and stamps. 

Options for Stamps/Post Office:

  • CLICK HERE to buy postcard stamps from the U.S. Post Office (53 cents in Spring 2024). Current designs are barns, coral reefs, and sailboats.
  • Buy postcard stamps in-person at your local U.S. Post Office. CLICK HERE to find your nearest U.S. Post Office.
  • If you are hosting a Postcard Party, consider asking people to bring their own stamps and/or to chip-in and contribute towards the expense of purchasing stamps.