Sign-up to volunteer with several essential programs to protect the right to vote, keep local polling places open, fight election misinformation, and ensure votes are counted securely. Get trained now so you are ready to volunteer as early voting starts, on election day, and when votes are counted.

1. Protect the Vote Volunteers

The Election Protection Coalition, led by Common Cause and other allies, trains and deploys thousands of nonpartisan volunteers to serve as voters’ first line of defense against confusing voting rules, outdated infrastructure, rampant misinformation, and needless obstacles to the ballot box.

You can choose your action – monitoring polling places (from your vehicle or remotely), watchdogging social media for disinformation, or answering voters’ questions. There are special volunteer opportunities for lawyers and legal professionals to get trained and staff-up the voter phone hotline. Because polls are managed locally, you will be contacted by an Election Protection coordinator to plug you in to trainings and volunteer opportunities that are best for your availability and location.

Sign-up to be an Election Protection Volunteer

Time Commitment:

  • Most Election Protection volunteers should plan to be available for most of Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and for one or more trainings in the weeks leading up to Election Day.
  • Other Election Protection opportunities include monitoring social media from home and voter outreach, with shifts happening everyday.
  • Many trainings and shifts available
  • To be trained as a pollwatcher, you need to sign-up as an Election Protection Volunteer. These are state- and local-specific trainings. So once you sign-up, organizers will send you location-specific volunteer opportunities.
  • Lawyers and legal professionals interested in staffing the voter hotline will get training and shift assignments. Sign-up at this page and select “Third Act” from the “referred by” dropdown menu:

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to indicate your ability and time availability and will be trained accordingly.

2. Sign-up to be a Poll Worker 

Power the Polls is a coalition of businesses and nonprofits recruiting a new wave of poll workers. In 2020, in less than 100 days, Power the Polls recruited more than 700,000 prospective poll workers and closed the shortage for the general election.

Poll workers support early voting locations, ensure technology functions, and help minimize long lines and delays at polling places on Election Day. Because the number of poll workers at a polling place impacts whether a polling place opens on time on Election Day, poll worker shortages can lead to long lines and voter disenfranchisement, especially in low-income and communities of color.

In 2022, we’re already seeing the need for more poll workers. Our democracy depends on ordinary people who make sure every election runs smoothly and everyone’s vote is counted. You can help make sure we have safe, fair, and efficient elections for all: step up and become a poll worker this year.

Poll workers get trained and are often paid (depending on location).

Apply to Be A Poll Worker

Time Commitment

Often full-day on Election Day, November 8, 2022, but poll workers are also needed for early voting days. Some jurisdictions allow for shifts, others require full work days. Poll workers are usually paid for their work. Sign up to get started and you’ll learn about your jurisdiction’s process and requirements.

Sign up anytime before the end of September!

Sign up with Power The Polls to show you’re interested in being a poll worker this fall. 

Once you’ve signed up, depending on your jurisdiction, you will either be contacted by Power the Polls, a partner organization, or your local election administrators regarding your application.


For more information, check out the FAQ.

3. AFTER the Election: How to Stop Election Sabotage with Scrutineers

The fight for fairness in our democracy doesn’t end on Election Day. Third Act is partnering with Scrutineers to train citizen-volunteers to be observers behind the scenes, to protect our democratic process and help stop election sabotage. Scrutineers is a non-partisan election protection group training volunteers around the U.S. to observe the processing and counting of votes, capturing evidence and data needed to help verify the accuracy of election results. This crucial work takes place on election night and over the following days and weeks until elections are certified.

The same people who pushed The Big Lie about the 2020 election are threatening to disrupt the midterms. We anticipate that they’ll show up both to try to stop people from voting and — in the days following the election — to try to stop the vote counting. That’s why we need to come together to protect the vote count. After you’ve volunteered to get out the vote or monitor the polls, help protect the votes you worked so hard for and help stop election sabotage!

Time Commitment:

Third Act Partner is hosting a special event “How to Stop Election Sabotage” for Third Actors ahead of the 2022 Midterms to help us protect our freedom to vote. Sign-up for this one-hour training on October 6, 2022 to learn how you can show up this election for our democracy. You will learn how to: take pictures of poll tapes, observe post-election procedures, and notice and document any “red flags” of concern. You can get plugged-in to your local polling locations and serve shifts on election night and the days and weeks after the election, if needed.

Sign-up for How to Stop Election Sabotage with Scrutineers on October 6, 2022, 2 pm PT/5 pm ET