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TAO Newsletter: May 2024

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to share that Third Act Founder, Bill McKibben is coming to Portland on July 5th! We hope you’ll join us for an intimate conversation with Bill about what we can do right now to save our planet and our democracy, what’s bringing him joy, what gives him hope, and why he believes that, working together, we can have a huge impact on making our world a better place for generations to come.

This is truly a rare opportunity to spend an evening — in person or via livestream — with one of the world’s most beloved and important environmentalists and global thinkers. After the main presentation, mingle with Third Act Oregon and climate activists from all over the state while enjoying light refreshments in the First Unitarian Church’s beautiful, air-conditioned Buchan Room.

Learn more & register here

Volunteers Needed! Please let us know if you are able to help us for this event on July 5th. Email Cyndi McAlpine at

The Third Act Oregon Website is LIVE!

Our Third Act Oregon Communications Team has been working hard to build this great resource for all of our members, and those interested in learning more about Third Act Oregon. This is a single source of information about what’s happening across Third Act Oregon.

  • A Home Page that highlights special events (like Bill McKibben coming to Portland!) and a running blog that will include copies of our newsletters and other news from Third Act Oregon
  • An Events Page for detailed information, in chronological order, of upcoming events
  • A News Page which will feature updates from Third Act Oregon, our partners, and other resources we believe you’ll find interesting

Our TAO Communications Team is just getting started! We hope you will enjoy taking a spin early and often through this wonderful new resource for our members.

Updates From Our Action Teams

Uplift Democracy and Voting Team 

John McAlpine – 

Get Out the Vote Efforts

Oregon Third Actors – Join Us For Oregon Voter Registration Training. On Wednesday, May 22nd at 5pm we invite all interested TAO members to this important one-hour virtual training offered by Mimi Alkire with the League of Women Voters. Increasing voter registration is one of the most impactful ways we can focus our energies in the months ahead. At Farmer’s Markets, libraries, community colleges, and other public places, we can promote civic engagement by registering voters while letting them know about Third Act Oregon.

No registration required. Click here to join this Zoom meeting.

Attend the Uplift Democracy & Voting Team’s monthly meeting on June 23rd at 5p Click here to join this Zoom meeting.

The Uplift Democracy and Voting Team meets virtually every fourth Wednesday of each month at 5pm. On Wednesday, June 26th join us to hear more about:

  • Oregon’s May Primary results and how we can support specific candidates in the lead up to November’s election
  • Efforts to register Oregon voters and spread the word about Third Act Oregon
  • Our Letters to the Editor Campaign
  • Postcard writing and other efforts to Get Out the Vote around the country

Postcard Writing

There are three postcard writing gatherings coming up in the Portland area. Join us as we get to know one another better while reminding voters in Oregon and around the country about the importance of their vote.

  • This Sunday, May 19th from 2:00 – 4:00p, at Taborspace (Art Room)  located at 5441 SE Belmont St (corner of SE 55th Ave & SE Belmont).
  • Join fellow TAO members on Wednesday, June 5th from 10:30a – 12:30p in Southwest Portland at the St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church (Cedar Hills) located at 12405 SW Butner Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005.
  • The June SE Portland Postcard Gathering will be on June 23rd from 2:00 – 4:00p, we’ll meet at Taborspace located at 5441 SE Belmont St (corner of SE 55th Ave & SE Belmont) Please note we will be in a different room – Day Hall.

If you are Interested in getting started independently with postcard writing through Third Act’s partner, Activate America, this step-by-step video is a helpful guide that will get you going right away!

If you’d like assistance, let us know! We can help provide you with postcards and lists so you can get started independently. Please contact John McAlpine.

Support the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) by joining its newest postcard writing campaign. Learn more about EVP’s non-partisan efforts here and sign up for their May 20th (9am Pacific) postcarding orientation using this link.

Please continue to email with your completed number of postcards so we can track towards our statewide goal of 20,000 postcards sent by the November election. We are now over 3,500 postcards sent from Oregon Third Actors!

Writing Letters to The Editor (LTEs)

In advance of Oregon’s May 21st Primary, several Oregon Third Actors have submitted Letters to the Editor to statewide newspapers. Take a look at this great letter from TAO member Jim Pittenger published in The Oregonian on May 13th.

Link to Jim Pittenger’s LTE posted to OregonLive

Interested in joining our small LTE subteam? We will be working on more LTEs in the coming months and encouraging more TAO members from around Oregon to join in. Contact John McAlpine at

Advance Fossil Free Financing Team

David Parker –

Sheila Golden – 

Happening Thursday May 16th! Attend the Advancing Fossil Free Finance Team’s monthly meeting at 4 pm Pacific. Click here to join this Zoom meeting.

Come hear more about the Summer of Heat Campaign plans (nationally and some good trouble we’re planning in the PNW), and discuss helping folks move their money out of the big Wall Street banks that are funding climate chaos.

(The next monthly Advance Fossil Free Finance Team meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 20th at 4p.)

Interested in cleaning up your credit card and banking choices? David Parker has produced a four-page Move Your Money Oregon handout to summarize the steps you and others can take to do just that.

Summer of Heat Campaign 

Summer of Heat is a multi-week, New York City-based, sustained nonviolent civil disobedience targeting some of the dirtiest companies profiting off planetary destruction and environmental racism. We need to get big banks, investors and insurance companies to stop financing coal, oil, and gas. Wall Street continues to pour billions each year into fossil fuels – and they won’t relent unless we turn the heat up on them.

Third Act is partnering with the Summer of Heat organizers to bring the “over-60 heat” in two ways: during Elders Day of the launch week in NYC, and nationally during Elders Week July 8 – July 13.

  • Elders Day of the launch week is Thursday, June 13th in NYC. Third Actors who are able, will travel to NYC to do our part to kick off the Summer of Heat.
    • If you wish to travel to NYC for this event, sign up here.
    • Third Actors who can’t travel to New York and want to support this HUGE and HISTORIC effort to cut off funding for fossil fuels, can consider joining a workgroup here or making a donation using this link. To help fund this effort, Third Act needs $300,000 by the end of June from individual small donors.
  • In support of actions in NYC and around the country, Oregon Third Actors and their counterparts in Washington are planning an action at Costco Headquarters in Issaquah, WA during Elders Week, July 8-13. This event will be a continuation of our efforts to pressure Costco to drop Citibank as its credit card partner. More details about this opportunity to make good trouble will be coming in June.

Democratizing Energy Team

Thor Hinckley – 

Margaret Sherraden – 

Happening today, Wednesday, May 15, 12pm PDT

Make Your Go Electric! Plan

The Electrify Oregon Network, and Brian Stewart of Electrify Now, are offering today’s 30 minute webinar to individuals and organizations interested in learning more about electrifying their homes. Find out how to develop a simple electrification plan tailored to your home’s unique needs. Be ready to take advantage of new rebates, tax credits, and other programs when it’s time to replace appliances with new high efficiency all-electric upgrades. An informed plan will help you electrify, whether you want to swap systems out as they fail or you’re ready to get off fossil fuels and improve your home’s performance right now. Find more Information by clicking here. 

Attend the Democratizing Energy Team’s monthly meeting on June 5th at 3p Click here to join this Zoom meeting.

The Democratizing Energy team meets virtually on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 pm.  Come hear more about plans for Electrification House Parties across Oregon, and what’s happening with utility proposals before the OR Public Utilities Commission involving rate increases that would further stress customers financially and avoid addressing climate change

Coming Soon: Electrification House Parties!

TAO is launching a series of Home Electrification Parties, where Third Actors and their neighbors can learn from homeowners and renters who have started their own electrification projects. More information to come in the June newsletter.

Are you interested in helping us organize? We’d love to have you join us! Contact Margaret or Thor via email.

Image by Smashingstocks

Welcome to TAO’s inaugural “Electrification Corner!” 

Each month we’ll offer practical guidance for electrifying your life. But first, why electrify? The answer is simple: electrification reduces the use of fossil fuels used for heating, cooking and transportation, it lowers household energy bills, it’s healthier, and helps the climate. New (and some old) technologies are making electrification affordable, clean, and efficient. Join us each month to explore another way to electrify your life!

Induction Cooking: Safer, Cleaner, and Cheaper

Induction stoves offer better cooking performance than gas without the dangerous indoor air pollution and carbon emissions that can occur even when you’re not cooking. We all know that gas stoves pollute indoor air, making it especially unhealthy for children and people with respiratory problems.

With induction, no fossil fuel is burned to cook the food. The pan gets hot from the cooktop’s magnetic field, but the stove surface itself stays cool. And water boils two times faster than with gas. If an induction stove doesn’t fit in your budget, consider an affordable induction hot plate (as low at $60) that can live alongside your stove and perform much of your cooking!

Will induction work for you? An induction hot plate requires a regular outlet, but a stove requires a 240V circuit. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pots and pans, they’ll work on an induction stove. Click here to see Electrify Now’s Induction resources.

Next month: Switching to a heat pump.

Community Updates


Sandi (Co-Facilitator)

Jim (Co-Facilitator)

Happening Thursday May 16th at 10:30a! The Third Act Eugene Community Group gathers regularly to do postcards and other activities together. We gather virtually every third Thursday of the month at 10:30 a.m. Anyone in the Eugene/Springfield area is welcome to attend! Click here to join us for our online meeting.

Central Oregon/Bend 

Ray (Co-Facilitator)

Jules (Co-Facilitator)

Happening Thursday May 16th at 5:00 p.m.!  The TAO-Central Oregon community will be gathering Thursday, May 16th, to write postcards to inform people about the MAGA record of Lori Chavez-Deremer in the 5th Congressional District race. We’ll be meeting at the Deschutes Downtown Bend library, in the Meyers Classroom.

In the News 


The Oregon Coalition for an Environmental Rights Amendment (OCERA) is a group focused on amending the Oregon Constitution to affirm the people’s fundamental, enforceable right to a healthy environment and a stable climate.

OCERA kicked off their campaign on May 4th in Salem with an organizing event that drew more than 100 participants from climate rights groups from all across Oregon. Attendees heard from several frontline leaders, including tribal and youth voices.

OCERA has identified three legislative stakeholders (Senator Jeff Golden, Senator James Manning, and Representative Mark Gamba) stating their intent to co-sponsor a bill in the 2025 long session.

We will keep our Third Act Oregon members updated on OCERA’s legislative efforts to establish a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to a healthy environment  for all Oregonians.

For more information on OCERA visit

Lead Locally is training folks across the country to “Run for Climate.

Not a day goes by that we aren’t reminded of the destruction and impact of climate change, especially as we head into another summer of extreme heat.

In recognition that our communities deserve better and that we’ll need dedicated leaders at every level to make progress in our fight for the climate, Lead Locally is an organization working to elect down-ballot climate champions to serve in local city governments and state legislatures.

Are you, or someone you know, interested in getting trained this summer to “Run for Climate?”

Lead Locally is offering its free 2024 Run for Climate Virtual Training in June! This is a 6 part series taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 11th – 27th. Even if you, or someone you know, is not thinking about running yet, Lead Locally wants anyone even considering it to have the skills to do so.

Start an application today

Please consider joining us by signing up for Third Act Oregon here:

Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.