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We are a young group of older Nevadans whose collective action makes us mighty. Drawing on the accumulated wisdom of our pasts, we work on building a hopeful future starting with stabilizing the climate and our democracy.

Nevada is a large, diverse state, and our working group is evolving to reflect that diversity.  What happens in the state affects all of us; those in the north, south, urban and rural.  The  Third Act Nevada Working Group was born in the summer of 2021 and, right now, most of the action is centered in the Reno/Sparks area.  This is only the beginning!

Whether you’ve recently decided to dip your toes into political action or are a long-time veteran, showing up matters.  Using your voice for positive change matters.  Building a wide-reaching network matters.

When you join our working group,  an existing member will be in touch to help you explore how to match your interests with what we’re doing.  There are many ways to plug in and we know there’s a perfect place for you.  Let us help you find it.  No action is too small.  No action is too minor.

What We’re Working on in Nevada

Third Act gives us a place to focus our energies into collective action through national campaigns that we implement on the ground in Nevada.  Check us out:

  • Power Up Communities – Transitioning to Clean Energy

Third Act Nevada working group members are currently strategizing on how to develop state legislation to put a lid on rising utility costs, preserve commitments to develop clean energy, and to advance distributed solar in our communities.  We have our work cut out for us.  Right now, our state has some of the lowest solar costs in the US.  Yet, our Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) and the current governor are working against the success of a distributed solar system.  The PUCN is granting expedited approval of a new natural gas plant in 2023 while bypassing environmental review.  The governor named the president and chief executive officer of Southwest Gas Inc., to lead his energy transition team and green-lighted a policy change to move away from fossil fuels to promoting the use of methane.  Nevada taxpayers are on the hook for the estimated $443 million budget overruns on the $2.9 billion Greenlink transmission line project.

  •  Get Out the Vote – Safeguarding Our Democracy

During the 2024 election cycle our working group will be building on the momentum created during the 2022 midterms.  Voting rights and election integrity are still front and center issues in our state.  In 2022 we poured energy into supporting Cisco Aguilar for Nevada Secretary of State.  Members sent several hundred postcards encouraging Nevadans to vote for Aguilar.  Banners were flown over freeways including Highway 80, McCarren Boulevard and University of Nevada, Reno locations.  Leaflets were distributed at festivals, powwows, and flea markets. Our First-Time Voter campaign focused on voter registration drives, voting rights rallies, and canvassing the local neighborhoods.  Several Third ACTors provided election protection coverage at the polls.   And in celebration of our forward momentum, we gathered to honor first timer voters with mariachi band music and food trucks.  2024 will be no less active as Third Act national endorses Joe Biden for President and Third Act Nevada works to protect voting rights in our state through voter registration and getting people to the polls.

  • Banking on Our Future – Stop the Funding of Fossil Fuels

What started in late 2021, found its stride this past year.  In March 2023, Nevada working group members in Reno gathered in the respective lobbies at Chase Bank and at Wells Fargo Bank to cut up their credit cards.  In December, Third ACTors leafleted outside of the Reno Costco to collect signatures petitioning Costco to sever its relationship with CitiBank.  Those 40,000 signatures were presented early this year to Costco managers in both Reno and Sparks with attention given to the whole effort through op-eds in the Reno Gazette Journal.  Stay tuned for what comes next.

We can’t wait to meet you.  Keep your eyes on the Events Calendar to find opportunities to get involved!


Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.