Thank you for joining the 3.21.23 National Day of Action to Stop Dirty Banks!

With over 100 events across 30+ states – and countless Third Actors joining virtually and making sure fax machines in banks across America were ringing off the hook all day – you showed everyone how it’s done, and we know the message came through loud and clear:

We need banks to invest safely, securely, and sustainably to have a livable planet.

Together with over 50 partners, we demanded banks stop funding climate chaos and pledged to close our accounts, cut up our credit cards, and boycott Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo if they don’t move their investments out of fossil fuels.

If you have any photos and videos from the 3.21.23 Day of Action, please share with us using this link!

3.21.23 Day of Action Events

Third Actors, partners, and allies across the country staged over 100 public non-violent demonstrations to deliver a strong message to the banks funding climate destruction: if you don’t move money out of fossil fuels, we will move our money out of your banks. To join us at a future event, please sign-up for our email newsletter! Email Sign-Up

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Now more than ever, it’s important for Third Actors to show up and to be seen showing up for future generations! To view our press release/media advisory or to share photos and videos from the 3.21.23 Day of Action, please visit these links.

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Banking on Our Future Pledge

Sign the Banking on our Future Pledge: “If Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo are still funding climate-destroying fossil fuel projects in March 2023, I pledge to close my account and cut up my credit card. If I don’t bank at these institutions now, I pledge I won’t do so in the future.” Learn More


Here is the link for the press release and media advisory for the 3.21.23 Day of Action, which includes quotes, media contacts, and additional background information as well.

Here is a folder of highlighted photographs from 3.21.23.

Here’s a link to our 3.21.23 Content Sharing Resource Guide, which includes everything you need to know about sharing photos from 3.21.23!

Yes! We had an option available to fax a letter to CEOs to stop funding climate chaos.

You can also sign and share our Banking on Our Future Pledge.

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For even more information on how to stay involved, please feel free to view our “Power of One” webinar and the associated resources.

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Please click here for a post by Vanessa Arcara, Third Act President, on the recent banking news and the 3.21.23 Day of Action.

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