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We invite you to join us as we create a bold and joyful community of experienced and concerned people to speak with a clear, powerful voice. We are determined to bring our life experiences, skills and resources together to change the world for the better. Each day, 10,000 people in the US pass the 60-year mark. All are needed and welcome!

Derived from the Algonquin word “Massadchu-es-et” meaning “small place-great hill”, this small but mighty state now has over 700 Third Actors working hard to protect Mother Earth and strengthen our democracy.

We are focused on creating a sustainable future for all by:

  • Uplifting voting and democracy through voter drives, postcarding, and many opportunities to support states outside of MA
  • Advocating for a fairer Electric Grid across New England
  • Counteracting disinformation about Offshore Wind projects on the Cape and Islands
  • Pressuring the Big Four Banks to stop greenwashing and investing in fossil fuels
  • Joining local partners in support of Environmental Justice that ensures the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income
  • Collaborating with our new Governor and recently appointed Climate Chief, Melissa Hoffer, as they work to incorporate climate change into all decision-making across the state

Join one of our Massachusetts Project Teams

For more information about any of our Teams, email

Finance & Pensions

Working to limit fossil fuels investments and support the move to clean energy through state legislation, advocacy, and strategies for greening personal finances. We are focused on pensions, endowments, financial institutions/products, and education about the role of finance in a just energy transition.

  1. Interest in advocacy and engagement with state legislators and the MA legislative process (legislative/lobbying experience not necessary!)
  2. Interest in learning and sharing knowledge about green finances
  3. Interest in researching financial institutions and their role in the energy transition
  4. Membership in unions, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, neighborhood groups, which may lead to potential partnerships for climate finance action

UpLifting Democracy

Working to protect democracy and ensure everyone’s vote can be cast and counted. Focused on registering and engaging voters in MA and key states, with an emphasis on youth and new citizens.

  1. Voter registration – no experience necessary (training provided)
  2. Community College project – use Rock the Vote tool kit to help register students across the state
  3. Write Letters to the Editor regarding democracy, elections, voter registration, and voter suppression in leadup to the election, includes a 30-minute training.
  4. Write postcards/letters/texts for the 2024 election in key states (including AZ, CA, OH, NY, NV, PA WI) through Activate AmericaThe Environmental Voter Project and other partners
  5. Phonebank for the 2024 elections in key states
  6. Canvass outside Massachusetts (NY State/western border of MA, PA, NH)
  7. Put your language skills to use by translating for voters

Welcome & Volunteer Management

Ensure members feel welcomed, valued, and engaged via ongoing“welcome calls”.  We assist in orienting and updating members, new and old, on the activities of the MA Working Group – and ultimately assist in facilitating members’ involvement.

  1. Zoom meeting facilitation and logistics
  2. Person-to-person skills in assessing and following-up on new member interests
  3. Data management skills to collect and organize information relating to new members’  interests
  4. Organizing and connecting with members in your local community/area with the assistance of Third Act MA and email contact lists of local activists and groups


Focuses on supporting our Project Teams by producing a monthly newsletter and other informative communications to our members regarding upcoming opportunities for engagement and learning.

  1. People who enjoy social media (FB & Instagram) posting
  2. Experience using Canva and for flyers and presentations
  3. Experience using WordPress for upcoming microsite
  4. Curating both climate and democracy medias list of MA reporters
  5. Writers to assist with press releases, Op-Eds, position papers


Focuses on advocating for government actions and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and opposing actions that would prevent MA and the nation from achieving our established climate goals. Working in close collaboration with other climate organizations, we educate ourselves and others about major climate initiatives through events, webinars, and newsletters, followed by action on both the state and federal level to advocate for improved policies and laws. Some knowledge of key issue areas: environmental policy, legislative activities – on the local, state and federal level,  renewables, and climate science or the willingness to learn.

  1. Research and data analysis: Provide insights into effective strategies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and track progress, and communicate those insights
  2. Communications: Writers to spread awareness through media interviews, Letters to the Editor, Op-Eds and social media; create draft letters and/or responses to officials as examples for other TA MA members to use when writing to local, state and federal officials and elected officials
  3. Tech: Versed in or willing to learn Google Suite, Zoom, and assist the team in tech-related projects
  4. Community outreach and engagement: connecting with communities, organizing local in-person or on-line events, creating and supporting grassroots efforts, and collaborating with partners

Environmental Justice

Support for environmental justice (EJ) groups that are working to reduce environmental harms and build climate resilience in low-income communities and communities of color across the state. These communities continue to bear the brunt of pollution and climate change impacts because of a long history of environmental racism. We focus on helping to amplify the voice and advance the campaigns of community-based EJ groups and statewide coalitions. Guided by their specific needs and requests, Third Actors serve as allies by:

  1. Advocating for legislation on environmental justice issues by writing letters and emails to legislators and newspapers, attending legislative hearings, and spreading the word through social media
  2. Participating in street protests, marches, and other forms of solidarity and direct action
  3. Attending briefings, workshops, conferences, and other gatherings organized by EJ groups to improve our knowledge and understanding of the issues and to build personal relationships with those we are working to support

Letters-to-the Editor

An effective, online tool for spreading the word through the Letters to the Editor about how we must act NOW to protect our environment and uplift democracy in the lead-up to the 2024 election.  Best of all, it can be done from your own home.

  1. Join a 30-minute training to learn how to use the on-line platform to start writing letters.
  2. Become familiar with the platform, and start sharing the morning email with members once a week. It’s not hard, and it gives you the privilege of selecting the stories that the team writes about. If you are comfortable with basic computer skills and willing to allocate 15-20 minutes once a week, we’d love to have you on the team!


Developing meaningful connections with existing democracy, environmental, and climate justice organizations across MA to amplify their messages and support their work. Forming coalitions with other groups, and connecting our 675-strong Third Act membership in a way that deepens impact and ensures the success of our mutual goals.

  1. Seeking members to research potential partner organizations and help to craft joint statements of how to work in coalition
  2. Become a point person for one partnership by choosing a partner of interest to you in the areas of democracy and/or climate justice, and help us amplify their message
  3. Work closely with your partner organization to identify specific engagement opportunities, big and small, for Third Act members including petitions to sign, protests to attend, community service projects to undertake, and provide opportunities for learning

To contact any of our team leaders, email

Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.