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In Maine, we are alarmed. The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99 percent of the world’s oceans. Our winters are shorter and milder than they used to be, and our summers longer and hotter. As with much of the country, we’re seeing fiercer and more frequent storms along with sea level rise.

Our state slogan is “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” It no longer comforts us. We fear for the future of our saltmarshes and forests, our celebrated fishing industry, the moose and the butterflies, our children and grandchildren.

Knowing that we wanted to act with love and courage and with full recognition of the dangers we face, Tom Mikulka and Chuck Spanger co-founded Third Act Maine in 2022. It has grown into a statewide working group with four geographic hubs in Greater Portland, Midcoast, Central, and Greater Farmington. Campaigns are coordinated by a Steering Committee that has representation from each hub.

We support our members with an annual in-person gathering, twice-monthly newsletters, occasional book groups, opportunities for action through standouts, petition drives, and more.

Our hubs organize local actions, including protesting in front of the dirtiest banks, protesting in front of businesses that partner with these same banks (such as Costco and L.L. Bean), rallying on Earth Day, tabling at all kinds of events to educate the public, and presenting at climate conferences. We also enjoy making standout posters, writing letters together, and sharing favorite climate book titles.

We are very proud of our work on the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty (FFNPT). We initiated a resolution in the Maine State Legislature to support FFNPT which passed in early 2024, becoming the third state in the country to do so. We are also bringing this resolution to town and city councils. So far, Portland and Belfast have also passed FFNPT resolutions. In 2024 we are engaged in a statewide divestment campaign, urging the Maine Public Employees Retirement System to divest from all fossil fuel stocks.

We are a member of Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN) which helps us partner with youth and frontline communities.

Third Act Mainers on Earth Day 2023 in Portland Maine
Third Act Mainers on Earth Day 2023 in Portland Maine
Disclaimer: Working Groups are volunteer-run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. Working Groups engage in campaign activities, communicate with their Working Group volunteers, and maintain the content on their Working Group webpages.