We will be organized by geographic region, but also by the way you identify yourself. It’s easy to see how a working group in Illinois could weigh in effectively on local issues. It’s also easy to imagine how Third Act Caring Professionals (nurses, doctors, social workers...) could leverage their lifetime of experience to advocate powerfully on public health and the climate crisis.

Each working group will be supported by the national leadership of Third Act. We will define overall campaign goals — with your input — but members have the freedom to decide how to make them work on the ground where they are. This allows our members to play to their strengths.

We’re at work to get these groups up and running. With your help, we will start with a few working groups and build from there. Please fill in the form on this page to help us match people with the right groups, design working group structures, and provide the support and training that working groups will need to get started.

If you may prefer to start, co-lead or join a Regional Group that does not correspond to your address above, please share the location here.
Current Affinity Groups include Third Act Faith, Business, Artists, Educators, Health, and Lawyers. To join them, please visit the Working Groups page. If you may be interested in starting, co-leading or joining a group not listed above, please propose it here.
Your experience
Although no experience is necessary, let us know your experience with organizing groups, facilitating, hosting, and your comfort level (everyone is welcome and has talents and skills to offer!).
You can fill in your own experience here if your interest does not fit under the groups already listed.
Please indicate if you’d like to join a group or start or co-lead a group: *

How much time do you have available to help co-lead or participate as a member of a Working Group on a weekly basis?

Please list a few groups that you may already be active with (could be climate groups like 350.org, women's groups, labor groups, women's groups, congregations, community groups, hiking groups, singing groups....). Third Act doesn't want to duplicate efforts; we want to help build partnerships, offer support and capacity, and add value to other efforts. "None" is also a fine answer.
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You can now join our first working group: Third Act Faith.

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